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The MIXc City, a large urban complex in Kunshan

Shanghai Sunyat Architecture Design Co.

Retail / Completed
Shanghai Sunyat Architecture Design Co.

The MIXc City, Kunshan, in the centre of west living quarter of the city, is located at the intersection point of two urban express motorways, with site plan area 54560.66 sqm, and architectural plan area 236800 sqm.

This project was originally commissioned to Sunyat in 2012 initiated with conceptual design. In 2015, detailed design and technical drawings were completed with the collaboration of MG2. Since then, this project has been under construction till 2018.

Due to the typical lengthy development cycle of the building category, urban complex, the initially proposed commercial business model was completely outdated then. Thus, the layout and business planning model had to be changed. A new round began.

The whole year of 2018, Sunyat together with all the other supports had finished the an alternation of new commercial design. The process was continued with intensive discussion with the client till to the very end of the completion, November of 2019, right before the grand opening of the project. The grand big team has witnessed a manifesto of the birth of a large urban complex.

As the design and technical consultant of the project, Sunyat architects has accomplished numerous challenges, following are few of the iconic aspects.

1. The original design of the commercial units was completely changed after the main structure was constructed In order to satisfy the new requirements from the patron.
2. During the modification process, with the collaboration between other consultants, the outdated parts of the original building was partially removed, and new design concepts were implemented and achieved.
3. Under the precondition of keeping the third floor cinema and safety requirements, a centre plaza was created by partially remove the building to create a grand stairs with high ceiling. This approach has maximized the use of the space and at same time providing a comfortable commercial space.
4. The design team has decided to dismantle the existing complex LED frame and concrete structure to achieve higher visual standard of the façade.
5. Required by ultimate budget control scheme, The thickness of the commercial underground parking ceiling is reduced from 1500mm to 500mm which has brought huge challenges to waterproof solution. Finally, the outdoor linear swage system was chosen after comparison between multiple options to accomplished the design requirement of the project.


 Shanghai Sunyat Architecture Design Co., Ltd
 Architecture: Yang Hui, Lu Linlin, Gao Shanjie, Ye Xia, Zhang Min, Zhang Yanyan; Structure: Chen Zhuo, Xiong Jingfeng, Huang Xindong, Wang Ben, Zhao Guangye, Zhu Chengfeng; MEP: Xin Jieying, Mao Yaqian, Ding Hongmei, Feng Xinzhou, Zhang Sihao, Chen Lei, Xu Sheng, Zhang Jun, Jiang Li, Mao Bo; Technical Support:Zhu Yumei, Wang Yong, Wang Xiaohong, Hu Wenxiao, Chen Ying, Jiang Hong, Zhao Bin; Concept Design:Mao Yu, Fan Qiong, Hong Fei, Shi Changyuan, Wang Yuanhao
 LINK Design Group LLC, AECOM Technical Services, Inc., Gensler Architecture Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., CR CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd., RBS Arehitectural Engineering Design Associates, Hong Kong Huizhi mechanical and electrical Consulting Co., Ltd, MVA Transport Consultants (Shenzhen) Co Ltd - Shanghai Branch,
 LEOX design partnership, Beijing SHIYU Four-Dimension Wayfinding System Planning & Designing Co.,Ltd,
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Sunyat was founded in 1984, with its headquarters in Shanghai. Up to now, it has nearly 500 professional talents, with grade A qualification for architectural engineering design, grade B qualification for urban planning and grade II qualification for architectural decoration engineering in China. We have led/participated in more than 1000 projects, covering more than 200 cities across the country, and have been listed among the top 20 private architectural design institutes in China for many times. At present, our practices mainly contribute to the development of the city in the fields of urban complex, office building, hotel, shopping center, commercial block, residential community, medical care building, high-tech industrial park, theme park, etc., As a practitioner of urban development, we not only create business achievements, but also focus on the sustainable development of society, economy and environment.

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