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The Cool Docks an approach to embrace the future of the Shanghai

Shanghai Sunyat Architecture Design Co.

Renovation  /  Completed
Shanghai Sunyat Architecture Design Co.
The Cool Docks is one of the most classic building complexes in Shanghai, protected by the Shanghai government. It is a great challenge for design team to keep people’s feelings and memories brought by the place while reviving the old buildings. So that we started from four aspects to fix it out.

First, we added new function such as exhibition hall to bring vitality to the block, updating the experience get from the buildings. Before renovation, the proportion of the original formats was unbalanced. The restaurants accounts for almost 90%. Such a monotonous function ratio couldn’t adapt to the needs of the new generation of customers. It’s a priority of adding attractive points.

Second, we made full use of the existing local resources of the site. Under the city contexts, the resources which could be used by the blocks are unbalanced frequently. For example, we didn’t create a new parking building or transform an old one to face the increasing demand for parking. Because we found that there will be a large number of spare parking space around the site. We can share them with the neighborhoods. The spare car-parking lots nearby are used so that the integrity of the block could be ensured. This kind of sharing is actually a rational use of resources, balancing the resources allocation in the city, so as to achieve the purpose of environment protection.

Third, we created more entrances and rest area to the old residents around which they can still use the renovated interactive space. It’s a way to keep their good memory of the community. What design team care about was that we don’t want the new blocks separate the original residents around. Therefore, we would like to use some methods such as rearranging the space to maintain the original contact and community relationship, For example, we adopted the concept of ‘porous city’, so that the site has more open entrances to the city and more residents have access to the site. Even in the non-profit situation, it can make people communicate in this place as before. It created more green space and open space to reconnect people so as to last their memory of the city.

Last but not least, we tried to make The Cool Docks a sustainable project in the long run. We embedded new technologies into the blocks. For example, we encourage people to reserve meeting rooms by online booking system, so as to make full use of spare rooms. In addition, we have added more favorite elements of young people in lighting design which will make our project have a vigorous vitality in the future. This is another approach to embrace the future of the city.


 Shanghai Hongji Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd
 30000 mq
 Shanghai Sunyat Architecture Design Co., Ltd
 Chief Architect: Jia Zhengyang; Project Principal: Ye Xia; Architecture Design: Wang Ying, Wang Jun, Cao Dawei, Meng Minghui, Feng Ruoqian, Wu Yan, Zhang Yu; Structure: Xiong Jingfeng, Hu Yu, Peng Ning; MEP: Jiang Hong, Luo Jin, Zhu Huimin, Zhang Shihao; Interior Design: Zhou Yixiang, Yu Bing, Gao Kefan, Liu Bin; Landscape: Wang Can, Zheng Zhicheng, Sheng Jiaye
 Shanghai Changhong Civil Engineering and Architecture Co., Ltd
 Shanghai Zhongtian Lighting Whole Set Co., Ltd and Shanghai Creater Management Co., Ltd.
 Saiken Sunlight Panel
 Wu Qingshan, Arch-Exist


Sunyat was founded in 1984, with its headquarters in Shanghai. Up to now, it has nearly 500 professional talents, with grade A qualification for architectural engineering design, grade B qualification for urban planning and grade II qualification for architectural decoration engineering in China. We have led/participated in more than 1000 projects, covering more than 200 cities across the country, and have been listed among the top 20 private architectural design institutes in China for many times. At present, our practices mainly contribute to the development of the city in the fields of urban complex, office building, hotel, shopping center, commercial block, residential community, medical care building, high-tech industrial park, theme park, etc., As a practitioner of urban development, we not only create business achievements, but also focus on the sustainable development of society, economy and environment.


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