PH Alpha Design - SCPG Center Shopping Plaza, a new landmark of quality life in Shenzhen
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SCPG Center Shopping Plaza, a new landmark of quality life in Shenzhen

PH Alpha Design

Renovation  /  Completed
PH Alpha Design
The old SCPG center was restricted because of the problems of internal space structure such as low floor height and poor moving-line design, which hindered shopping experience. Along with the continued increasing demand of consumers, PHA carries out the transformation from several aspects including interior space, exterior facade, external commercial square and comprehensively enhances scene experience of consumers, creating a new landmark of quality life in Shenzhen. To bring consumers more modern and comfortable shopping experience, PHA makes obvious adjustments of internal space structure and initiates the first parallel space concept in the country.

PHA not only aims to optimize the quality and fashion experience for consumers, but also focus on building a new landmark of Shenzhen by establishing emotional bonds with customers.

In order to bring customers more modern and comfortable shopping experience, PH Alpha has implemented structure adjustment, and puts forward the concept of the first parallel space after renovation of commercial space become a LOFT double form of up to 9 meters. The change of the internal space is everywhere and it brings more business to the stores according to different demands. Imagination and interesting experience could be brought to another level.

The old SCPG Shopping Center was limited by the internal spatial structure problems, which hinders the shopping experience. A number of popular brand tenants with special requirements for space are therefore difficult to settle. With the continuous upgrading of consumer demand and adhere to the consumer-oriented , SCPG Shopping Center will reform the internal space, façade, external commercial plaza and many other aspects sequentially, thus comprehensively enhance the consumers experience, creating a new landmark in the quality of life in Shenzhen.

In this transformation, in order to bring consumers a more modern, more comfortable shopping experience, the internal space structure has been a drastic adjustment, and PHA proposed the first parallel space concept. Concise and streamlined space details in public spaces, designed with the three-dimensional profile design, lighting to take a streamlined guide to the crowd and SCPG Shopping Center logo density spread in key space causing the formation of starlight effect, while increasing the location of the second aisle, using a curved mirror ceiling to increase the sense of space. Underground one layer extends the entire interior design concept, applying white color to enrich space and improve brightness. External pendulum space utilize the characteristics of the arc prominent, which form the natural form of node space in reform design.


 128000 mq
 Dr. Ping Xu
 Clive Chow, Weixiao Li
 Landscape Designer: Place Design Group, Lighting Consultant: LIGHTLINKS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
 PH Alpha Design


Founded in 2013, PHA’s headquarters are located in Hong Kong. With the expansion of its business, it also has branches in London, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing successively.
With innovative design and leading design concepts, PHA has been making constant breakthroughs in architectural design, interior design and comprehensive planning, including shopping centers, commercial retail space, commercial blocks, grade A office building, hotels and private houses, cultural architecture planning and so on. With the design principles of innovation, excellence, practicality, economics and sustainability, PHA always persists that innovation is the priority. The insistence in innovative design ensures the maximum creativity and value of every piece of our design work.
PHA has a wide range of renowned customers both at home and abroad, including Hongkong Land, China Resources Holdings, Longfor Property, Junfa Group, China Vanke, Suning Estate, SCPG and etc.


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