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Changbai 228 Block Urban Renewal makes the practical spirit alive

Lacime Architects

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Lacime Architects

As one of China’s first residential areas built for workers in the 1950s, “Changbai 228 Block” is a special phenomenon in the development history of Shanghai, the cradle of modern industry. Arranged in a rank pattern according to the collective farm of former Soviet Union, the community adopts one-room layout which has two floors and standard design of kitchen and bathroom shared by 5 households.

It was an effective solution to living problem according to the principle of socialist equality. However, in the context of ongoing urban renewal, the original “20000 households” are dilapidated, so the architect team hope to make the practical spirit of this land alive, that is, transforming the place with single “living function” into that with “public combined functions”.

The layout consists of 12 characteristic buildings and central courtyard derived from the history and planning layout of the site. The 2 buildings in the southwestern corner are preserved and renovated as a history museum while the remaining 10 characteristic buildings are rebuilt at the original site. The design team add fresh vegetable supermarket, community canteen and children’s theater to address the lack of urban service function, create two axes themed by “culture & history” and “scenario-based business”, providing dual experience of awakening the memory of place and visualizing new urban civilization. Meanwhile, newly-added business space is classified in reconstruction scale, and glass body combined with the roof with metal tiles has the two building covered and connected. Such internal connection creates large business space, and partial space enlargement is done to support integrated culture and service spaces.

The central square space is the preserved historical planning layout. We turn it into a transparent and memorable place. The children’s theater that faces the square is a spiritual construction of the whole site, and partial sinking of the square makes the building an “uplifted” stage. The façade is added with an open installation to offer rich experience of the “site+material+feeling”.

The newly-built rental apartment is placed in the northwestern corner of the site. To balance surroundings, architect team create a public square there, making buildings an enclosed courtyard. It is a collective residential area in response to densely-populated urban interface. The urban interface comprised of reconstructed and renovated existing buildings is an offset for high-rise and dense structures in the horizontal direction, which upgrades overall living experience of the community.


 Shanghai Chuangyu Technology Development Co.,Ltd
 Lacime Architects
 Zhao Jingxin (lead architect), Liu Xiaoli, Fang Yichen, Shao Shichen, Chen Liangpeng, Cheng Jianxiong, Wang Lixia, Yang Guodong
 Construction Drawing Design: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd.


Lacime Architects uphelds the architectural philosophy "Simplify complicated material" since it was established in Shanghai. The name "Lacime" was given by founder Song Zhaoqing. It comes from French which means"peak"and express the aim to design first-class architecture work.

After 19 years'development, we have over 700 architects and rich experience in the large projects in china and overseas. We actively participate in the residential, commercial, cultural, tourism and various type of work, aiming to cultivate local talents, integrate elite design team and provide best solutions to the clients.

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