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Jinlin Royal Park, an experience between old and new


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Jinlin Royal Park locates in Nanjing, which enjoys a special status in Chinese traditional culture, as it is the “capital of the six dynasties” in history. Architects think carefully about how to make use of its rich cultural heritage and give new value of modern culture to the project and the city.

The general layout of traditional buildings in Nanjing is characterized by front hall and backyard, showing a space with rites preceding nature. We adopt this spatial layout: the front yard highlights a modern sense of rites by layered space, formal symmetry and tranquil setting; the back yard shows a space of nature and harmony by modern landscape. This is the very new user experience we want to add to traditional space.

From numerous historical and cultural relics of Nanjing, we find the symbols-the “brick” and “book”, and make them the carrier of history and culture and part of our design. Moreover, modern elements are introduced to create a dialogue and collision between the “new” and the “old”.

We hope to use the building as a medium to let people feel the culture, create an exceptional cultural experience through the collision of ancient and modern cultures and arouse the innermost memory and cultural identity of this ancient nation.

The “brick” element can be a solid and inclusive carrier of history to represent and shape our imagination of the place, while the “book” symbol used to establish the facade image. The division between glass and solid wall makes the southern side look like an opened book and scroll.

Regarding an understanding of the “new” and the “old”, we not only use ancient cultural symbols and modern design techniques according to traditional spatial organization method, but also bring out the contrast with materials that convey a sense of the times. The contrast between bright and transparent large glass curtain wall and ancient and solid black clay brick presents a complementary effect.

As Chinese traditional building materials, ancient technique of making black clay bricks are gradually vanishing. To best achieve an ancient hallmark, we visit many places and find a suitable brick material finally. Meanwhile, we explore new understanding and application of bricks through changing bricklaying methods like staggering, concave-convex and hollowing to further boost the virtual-real contrast for the façade. Along with different bricklaying methods employed to increase solid wall details, light and shadows alternate as the sun moves in the daytime. Apart from glass and black brick, we choose copper color for bricks that symbolizes nobility in Chinese culture, as it gives the façade a more elegant look and better matches the status of Nanjing known as the “capital of the six dynasties”.

We hope Jinlin Royal Park is a multi-scale integration of people, building and urban culture. Such integration will give new value of modern culture to urban buildings, shape the way we live in cities and attempt to arouse our innermost memory and cultural identity of this place and this city.


 Newhope Group, SUNAC, Jiangsu Shuili Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd
 2595 mq
 Zhang Zhixiao(lead), Huang Yuejie(lead), Tai Xuedong, Tang Wei, Wang Liwei, Wu Han, Chen Erdong, Ma Panpan
 Construction Drawing Design Company: Nanjing Xinghua Architectural Design&Research Institute Co. Ltd
 Zeng Jianghe, Tang Lingxiao


With class A qualification for architectural design, Shanghai Do Design Group Architectural Co. Ltd was founded in 2009. After more than 10 years of development, Do Design has gradually changed from single residential design to integrated service platform including planning, landscape, indoor design. Business scope covers: residential, commercial, office, hotel, etc.,cooperating with many of China's top 100 real estate enterprises, including: Zhongliang Real Estate Group, New Hope Group, Huahong Group, Guohong Group, Vanke Group, Rongcheng Group, Greenland Group, Xiangsheng Group, Tianyang Real Estate, Jinke Real Estate and so on.


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