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STELLAR, juxtaposition of color, volume & geometry

Sanjay Puri Architects

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Sanjay Puri Architects
A rectilinear composition creating offices opening into landscaped terraces along an arterial city road, Stellar is a commercial building with retail spaces at the lower 3 levels and offices at the upper 4 levels.
This 110 meter long building is fragmented at the upper floors with north facing terraces and is punctuated by a large 2 level angular office space on the north west corner.
Designed in conformation with a very specific brief, retail spaces occupy the lower levels along the extensive road frontage. Small offices constitute the upper levels with 30% of the offices opening into landscaped terraces.
The entrance to the retail levels is from the road frontage on the northern side. The entrance to the office spaces by separate circulation cores is on the southern side. Parking spaces are provided for in 2 basements. The entrances are thus completely segregated for the retail levels and the office levels. Naturally ventilated corridors connect the retail spaces at the upper levels creating indoor open streets parallel to the road frontage.
The owner of the development wanted a clearly discernible office space of 500 sq meters. Angular folded planes create this office, set back from the road junction at the north west corner, punctuating the rectilinear composition of the rest of the building. Created with rust red colored composite aluminium sheets this angular office volume is nestled within an open north oriented terrace. This office space is deliberately designed to contrast with the rest of the building creating an interesting juxtaposition of color, volume & geometry in addition to creating an individual identity based upon the brief. The simple rectilinear geometry with muted color tones & the complex angular geometry awash with color contrast to create a unique composition.
Large openings towards the northern side, smaller recessed windows on the southern side, reduce heat gain in response to the high temperatures of the location in Ahmedabad city in India. Temperatures in this city are in excess of 35°C for 8 months annually. All the terraces are connected to a rainwater harvesting tank & all water is recycled and reused. Solar panels at the terrace harness the abundant solar energy available, which is used for general lighting of all spaces.
This office and retail space building is contextual to the site’s location, climate & the client’s brief, amalgamating them cohesively.


 18580 mq
 sanjay puri architects
 Toral Doshi, Manisha Rana, Shivani Awasthi, Jay Patel, Shachi Patel, Tshering Bhutia
 Main Contractor: Spartan Builders Pvt. Ltd. Fabricator: Real Image
 Ducon Consultants Pvt Ltd
 Neolith : Cladding for main structure Aludecor : Aluminum composite panel for the private office
 Abhishek Shah Photography


Sanjay Puri Architects are listed in the top 100 architects worldwide by Archdaily. Architizer, New York includes Sanjay Puri Architects in their list of the top 136 design firms worldwide. The firm tops the list of WA Community , UK award winners across the world.

Winning the World Architecture Festival’s Best Housing Project of the Year 2018 in Amsterdam and the World’s best residential building in the LEAF Awards, London, the firm has won over 225 awards including 150 international awards and 80 National awards.

The firm founded in 1992 has won architectural projects in Spain, Montenegro, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Montreal, Oman and Dallas in addition to projects in 40 Indian cities.

With a firm strength of 72, evolving design solutions that are contextual and creating spaces that revolutionize the way they are experienced form the essence of the firms design philosophy.


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