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Progetto CMR New Headquarters, design for smart working

Progetto CMR

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Progetto CMR

The new Headquarters embody many decades of experience of the many professionals that work at Progetto CMR, encompassing their know how on space planning, with particular regards to the concept of smart working, best practices for sustainability and furnishings and products designed by the company.
The new building is located in the south-eastern side of the city, an area which has recently seen a steady cultural growth. The concept of smart working is pervasive: even though different spaces on floors are thought to carry out different functions and activities, each space is designed to change in order to adapt to the work plan and objectives.

An example of this refined flexibility are the height-adjustable workstations, which allow standing or seated meetings; the touch down stations present on all half-floors; the soundproofed seats “priveè” and outdoor work areas, in a continuous hybridization of formal and informal spaces to promote comfort, dynamism and creativity according to the needs of professionals. In this perspective, the lockers are inevitable to leave their personal belongings and to be able to move freely within the structure in accordance with their work needs.

The result is a structure of three floors above ground and one underground, with a color and different functions, a canteen on the ground floor, meeting rooms and an Academy dedicated to training in the basement, where we also find the Library, a suggestive space with a large table and building materials on the walls, a rich newspaper library and the details of the most important projects carried out by the company.

The Academy area in the basement, with a capacity of 60 people, has been designed for both internal and external training and can be made available to customers or for events and collaborations.

Le fil-rouge for the spaces in the new premises is the passion for rock music and its iconic characters. For this reason in each half-plane the musical key figures emerge from the walls, represented in a stylized way.
The meeting rooms in the basement are also dedicated to the main music band, while those on the ground floors are full of names of great architects.

Designed to obtain LEED certification, the new building has a strong sustainable footprint expressed by the following activities:

• renovation of an abandoned building, thus extending its life expectancy
• Building Co2 emissions reduction: -110 tons of CO2 yearly (compared to the baseline building) equivalent to the CO2 fixed by 3.200 tall trees
• Zero CO, CO2 and NOx emissions on site
• Building water demand reduction: -500 m3 yearly (compared to the baseline building) equivalent to 1 million half liter water bottles
• BMS to optimize HVAC performance and access control
• daylit working areas coupled with illuminance sensors to minimise needs for artificial lighting
• Passive design (high insulation, low-e and selective glazing, external shading systems) to reduce building energy demand
• Use of EPD certified products and building materials with recycled content
• Low VOC indoor finishes
• Landscape design according to biophilia principles to promote user recover from stress
• Charging station for electric vehicles
• On site renewable energy generation thanks to a PV array installed on the building roof
• landscape with fruit trees and native aromatic plants to promote biodiversity
• Use of plastic grid reinforcement lawn in parking areas to increase pervious areas

All furniture are designed by Progetto CMR for the main partners such as Ares Line, Artemide, Caimi, Citterio, Cuf, Emmegi, Frezza, Liuni, Manerba, Serralunga.


 Progetto CMR
 3500 mq
 Progetto CMR
 Progetto CMR
 Mitsubishi, Sedus, Shueco, Thema, Ares Line, Artemide, Caimi, Citterio, Cuf, Emmegi, Frezza, Liuni, Manerba, Serralunga
 Andrea Martiradonna


Progetto CMR is specialized in Integrated Design founded in 1994 and aimed at developing flexible, efficient and sustainable architectural solutions starting from the client’s needs. The headquarters is located in Milan with offices in 9 cities around the world. Progetto CMR is also a partner of European Architect Network .
Amongst the recent projects located in Italy: The new Generali Headquarters in the second tower of the City Life complex in Milan, the new Unipol Group operative offices in Milan, The Sign complex and Spark One in Milan, the new Urban Campus for Bocconi University, ING Direct’s italian branch office, the new Adidas office, the new HP offices in Rome and Milan,
Amongst foreign projects: masterplan China-EU Future City in Shenzhen (4.622.000 m) and Xiantao Big Data Valley in Chongqing (22 NZEB buildings in a last generation IT park of 700.000), and the eco-village Slow River Bay a Manjiangwan, designed following Slow Smart Eco City’s Criteria.

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