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GREONE, crystal-like structure that reflects the surroundings and shines

Hideo Yasui,Professor, Aichi Institute of Technology

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Hideo Yasui,Professor, Aichi Institute of Technology
Outline and background
It is a rebuilding plan of the head office building of a company that has been active in this area since its establishment. Originally, the former building was built on the same site, but with the acquisition of the adjacent land, the scale was expanded and it was rebuilt. In addition to using the new building as a head office building, part of it is required to be used as a rental office, and nowadays the working style is being reviewed. It was also required that the exterior design should not become obsolete over time, and that it should contribute to the community as a place of foundation.
The site is located in the central city area near Kamata Station in Tokyo, and there are areas where you can feel the old-fashioned atmosphere with small bars and hotels crowded, and areas where the cityscape is being renewed due to the passage of medium-sized condominiums and multi-tenant buildings. Located on the border, in a mixed city with buildings of various uses and sizes.

In such a surrounding environment, we have a simple structure consisting only of glass and aluminum panels, and by inserting sophisticated architecture that eliminates the details to the limit, we are able to blend with the surroundings in a diverse cityscape and uniquely It was intended to bring out the presence of, and show a mature corporate image. We aimed to create a crystal-like structure that reflects the surroundings and shines eternally, and is not weathered by the passage of time.
The office space from now on will become a place for collaborative creation with diverse human beings as a place for knowledge creation that creates new value and ideas, from the conventional macro and homogeneous space for simply performing office work efficiently. As a facility that symbolizes the corporate image, a comfortable and attractive work space is required to influence the branding of the company, raise the motivation of workers and their sense of belonging, and serve as a priming for attracting excellent human resources. It is necessary to create such a place from a “work place” to a “life place”.

Placement plan
The site has an irregular shape with a deep central part, and a common office space is secured by accommodating shared facilities such as elevators, stairs, and toilets in this part. In addition, the short side has a long span in the office to ensure a pillarless space.

Exterior plan
There are eaves balconies on the three northeastern sides of the building. The eaves, together with the heat-insulating double glazing of the sash, shield strong sunlight in the summer and reduce the air conditioning load on the building. The balcony with a wooden deck serves as a maintenance passageway for the exterior as well as an evacuation route in the event of a fire and a place of relaxation during work. In addition, the presence of a balcony allows the opening to be a high sash from the floor to the ceiling, and by providing sliding doors in some places, an office space where light and wind can be guided to feel nature can be realized.
The eave balcony is covered with an aluminum panel and serves as a chamber box with built-in intake and exhaust ports for mechanical ventilation equipment. Air enters and exits through the slits at the bottom of the panel, and the surface is minimal so that no extraneous material appears.

Initiatives for new workspaces
The 6th and 7th floors, which are the main offices of the head office building, are connected by internal stairs to facilitate the movement of people.
A hub space with a kitchen is set up in the center of the office on the 7th floor, and it is used freely for simple meetings, eating, taking breaks, connecting people and inducing communication. ..
Along with balconies on each floor, wood deck terraces are set up on the north and south set backs on the 6th floor, and a wood deck terrace is set up on the rooftop with an outdoor kitchen on the 8th floor rooftop. And induce communication and give comfort to the working environment.

Initiatives to reduce environmental impact
Desiccant air conditioning is adopted as the air conditioning in the office room, and by controlling the humidity, it becomes possible to spend comfortably at a temperature higher than the conventional temperature setting, reducing energy consumption and running cost due to air conditioning. Each air conditioner can be individually operated in the interior zone and perimeter zone in each span, and their automatic control system manages temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration, enabling detailed air conditioning according to the location. ing.
Sensor-type lighting is used in common areas such as toilets and corridors. The office ambient lighting adopts task ambient lighting, and the standard illuminance of ambient lighting is set to 500 lx, which is lower than the conventional 800 lx, to reduce the heat load and energy consumption of lighting that occupies most in office buildings. ..


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 Hideo Yasui,Professor, Aichi Institute of Technology
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Awards Hideo YASUI
Born in Shizuoka,moved to Gamagouri in Aichi afterwards
Received architectual training at Aichi Institute of Technology
Joined in Takamitsu Azuma Architecture Office
Joined in Kitaoka Design Office
Established Yasui Hideo Atelier
Director, Yasui Hideo Atelier, Professor, Aichi Institute of Technology

JCD Design Award(JAPAN)
Nashop Lighting Contest(JAPAN)
IALD International Lighting Designers Contest(U.S.A.)
IIDA North American Lighting Society Award(U.S.A.)
Design Selection by Asahi Glass,Co.,Ltd(JAPAN) and more



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