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Ningbo Junwan Center, using the existing and creating new scenery


Mixed Use  /  Completed
Land parcel: Scarce island resources
The project is located in Ningbo Wanto District. Wantou District is the gateway area to the city from the Hangzhou Bay Bridge. The planning of Wantou District emphasizes functional complementarity with Sanjiangkou CBD to create a 24-hour vibrant and top-level Recreational Business District (RBD). The land parcel is located at the periphery of planned structure of the “ Nine Islands and One Center”, facing the river on three sides and surrounded by water on all sides. On its side,there are the magnificent Yaojiang and Binjiang Parks that stretch for several kilometers with a broad vision and abundant landscape resources. Meanwhile, it has good protection of privacy which is, currently, the best land parcel of environmental resources for sale in Wantou District.

The project plan fully considered to maximize the use of natural landscape resources of the land parcel to create unique product quality and increase its premium. The design makes full use of value of the landscape and creates unique environments through "using the existing scenery" and "creating new scenery ". It is mainly composed of high level flat, low level flat, multi-storied hotels, and low-level supporting businesses. The building skyline in the base echoes that of the surrounding residential areas, forming a rich city interface along the river, and the various height changes of the buildings within the site.

Low level flat
Staggered layout. Each group of flats is composed of two blocks, staggered up and down, receding back and forth, which is unlike the ordinary flat with barracks layout. The design has a modern interpretation of the traditional Jiangnan garden spirit by creating the conception of winding path opening on an enchanting view. The overhead design of the ground floor provides more space for customized use of the future owners.

Multi-storied hotel
The multi-storied hotel also adopts a layered design, in which enclosed central landscape courtyard enables every room evenly to enjoy the good internal landscape and sufficient light. It is set back layer by layer which provides more possibilities to reach the nature.

Main apartment type of high level flat:
Under the extreme conditions, we have created the large width, shallow depth, and panoramic windows from north to south. The living room with 4.5-meter height breaks through the single-storied space design of the traditional large flat, which can fully unleash the feeling of the ultra-high-scale experience and extend the use of space, and finally creating a multi-dimensional experience at home. Meanwhile, people can enjoy the view of the giant screen with floor-to-ceiling windows with nearly 11 meters wide and nearly 50 square meters. The unlimited visual experience is transmitted in this limited space and the internal and external integration is penetrated in the space as well.

High level flat
Great break through has been made in the design of traditional flat. It combines multiple separate volumes of traditional flat and steps down at the end, forming an innovative shape like "super cruise", which helps to enhance Ningbo's city image.

Instead of commonly used pure stone hanging facade, we use the combination of aluminum composite panel facade, large-area aluminum panel and glass curtain walls and the high-end stone to decorate the surface, which creates a perfect fusion of three different textures. It has the stylish appearance,great flexibility,and mostly importantly , can be seen as the industry leader in the thermal insulation, water seepage resistance and corrosion resistance.

The facade of the folded plate forms a ripple effect, which is matched with the lighting design in the groove. At night, there will be a water light effect in line with Ningbo's image as a waterfront city.


 Ningbo Heng Wei Bei Cheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.
 93448 mq
 Zhe Cui
 Pengcheng Lu, Mingji Li, Qilin Zhang, Lu Cheng, Zhe Ji


Mr. Cui Zhe graduated from the Department of Architecture, Xi 'an University of Architecture and Technology. In 1999, he went to Shanghai from Xi 'an to study and work, and obtained the master degree of architecture from Tongji University. Mr. Choe's strengths lie in his mature and elegant aesthetic vision, his quick understanding, his expertise in dealing with complex public building systems and creating new architectural Spaces and orders, emphasizing user participation and co-creation. Mr. Choi is committed to transforming the way the public thinks and experiences about public and private Spaces, while ensuring that every project is delivered with consummate professionalism and a passion for design.


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