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Qingdao-Shimao Shine Times, chinese aesthetics in the global background


Landscape  /  Completed
Over the long course of history, Qingdao, a beautiful and attractive city, has been favored a lot. Since it had suffered foreign invasions by three imperialist states and had been influenced by their cultures, Qingdao had lots of European architectural artistic and cultural landscape, especially the German architecture style. A unique aesthetic system was naturally born.
Chinese architect Wu Liangyong believed that the charm of a city lies on its unique “personality”. However, in Qingdao’s developing urban aesthetic system, it’s hard to find the native images of traditional Chinese garden. For lack of the cultural things, the design team hoped to use a matched design to fill the blank.
Qingdao has a conventional urban layout that Jiaozhou Governor's Hall is at the centre with the whole administrative system around it. Besides, the convergence of six radiant roads at the square highlights the central position of the Hall. In the project, the designers learned from the layout and added the features of Chinese garden, thus showing Chinese aesthetics in the global background.
Design concept:
Mount Lao is a mountain that lies to the northeast of the downtown area of Qingdao. And the local people are proud of it and its gorgeous landscape.
Inspired by the important symbol of Qingdao, the designers adopted “Mountain” as the obvious landscape element at the entrance. Distinguished from the usual implicit expression of mountain, the “Mountain” image is objectified in the way of making Chinese garden. Rockeries and water fall are installed at the entrance directly, which looks like an amazing natural view.
Generation process:
BIM & Quality Control Brochure
BIM is used to conduct collision checks at the early stage, in order to optimize engineering design and reduce the possibility of causing damage and reworking. Precise planning ensures quality design and great control of effects.
The designers cooperated with other parties to work out a brochure about quality control. Avoiding problems in advance can ensure the quality and expected efforts.
Design concept:
“Moon above the sea” landscape wall seems like a mirage, which features a spacious sea that can contain everything.
Generation process:
If Mountain Lao is the pride of Qingdao people, Yellow Sea is the most impressive symbol.
With varying forms, a sea is the byword for freedom and flexibility. Therefore, in order to present the image of “sea”, the designers used “water wave” as the theme, creating an independent element system.
Design concept:
Tides are very long-period waves that move through the oceans in response to the forces exerted by the moon and sun. As the rise and fall of the tides would be received by the ocean unconditionally, the gain and loss of life is exactly like the rise and fall so that an optimistic and open-minded attitude like the ocean is important in the whole life. So the waterscape uses double-layered water fall, which symbolizes the inclusiveness of ocean and the game between waves and rocks.
Generation process:
Based on the characteristics of the field, an oval-shaped waterscape is preferred because it’s easier to cause whirlpool. Then, since the pool has a complex structure, it requires a quality performance of construction. For example, every stone needs to be cut into different shapes. And a sunken double-layered waterscape is used to enrich the view. Furthermore, the simulated sound of waves increases the difficulty of the construction. Therefore, the design team cooperated with a professional consulting company that specializes in waterscape, aiming to offer a perfect design. Before the design, a model in a ration of 1:10 is created to test the feasibility.
Design concept:
Red tile, tree, blue sky and sea are the images specific to Qingdao. And walking in the forest near the Yellow Sea is the miniature of Qingdao. No matter which path in the forest is selected, the sky and sea is at the end of the road. Therefore, tree is an indispensable part of the landscape.
Generation process:
With a limited budget, washed stone is the best choice. And numerous comparisons are made in terms of colors, sizes and matches so as to figure out the best materials. As for saplings, the designers went to about 30 places in 13 cities of 4 provinces (2700 km as the crow flies) to select the greatest ones. All arduous work is just for delivering the optimal landscape.


 SHIMAO GROUP (Shandong branch)
 3455 mq
 Jiang Yulong, Yang Lan, Bi Yang, Wu Hongwei, Yuan Jiali, Xiong Yao, Song Junli, Liu Wei, Zhu Dandan, Yang Fajun
 Water Feature Design Consultant:Sushui Design
 Shanxi Photography


Founded in 2006, LAURENT is a Shanghai-based landscape design company. We hold a Certificate for Landscape Engineering Design and have a R&D center in Shanghai and a professional team of more than 100 designers. Moreover, we provide integrated design services including landscape planning design, ecological technology consultation and R&D of landscape products and have long-term strategic partnership with well-known domestic developers.
Nowadays, we have delivered lots of landscape design projects, ranging from civic water conservancy design, waterfront planning design and urban space design to urban reconstruction and renovation consultation, cultural travel places and scenic resorts planning consultation and to landscape planning design for hotel, ecological agricultural and nursing houses, commercial complex and upscale housing, etc.


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