Zheng Shanfeng - Looked At The Yangtze River, water to silence traffic outside
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Looked At The Yangtze River, water to silence traffic outside

Zheng Shanfeng

Landscape  /  Completed
Zheng Shanfeng
Chongqing is a "standing" city. Here, the green hills and the great river lie next to each other, and the tall building is adjacent to the terrace, Layered like a forest in the sky.

Lonely Planet has a description of Chongqing: "Even experienced travelers can find adventure in today's Chongqing." The Chongqing project gives us the same feeling.

The field has a height difference of 22 meters. Elevation difference, which means that the line of sight Angle and hierarchy are considered to be more multidimensional than the plane. The natural conditions here are also good, close to the Yangtze River. In order not to destroy the original landform and natural conditions, we adopted a gentle design method to gently "put" the landscape on it, forming a multi-dimensional riverside garden.

The entrance to the garden is adjacent to the riverfront drive. How to eliminate the noise brought by car dealers?

Some time ago, we reviewed Wright's Fallingwater Villa. The book pointed out that although the artistic conception of fallingwater Villa was beautiful, the sound of running water would affect People's Daily life. So we hit on the idea of using water to silence traffic outside. Therefore, we designed this place to drop water, so as to dissolve the traffic noise, which also happens to resonate with the opposite river flow to some extent.

Considering the visual perception of the entrance plaza from the upper stands, we put a lot of effort into the floor texture to avoid the feeling of being monotonous and empty. The tree pool that faces water, stands and seat, let a space many a few leisurely and comfortable taste.

In The old city of Echelon, people walk back and forth, which is the magical daily life of Chongqing alone.

Adapted to the terrain, we create a curving terrace that connects the terrace at the top to the entrance square. Luxuriant plants on both sides of the slope compete to bloom with vitality, leisure seats hidden in the green shadow of prosperity.

On the third floor is the roof garden, which is ascended by a ladder of empty floors. Buy a cup of coffee with a fragrant waffle and sit in the white sofa booth at a perfect Angle, leisurely and carefree looking at the distant river and mountains, enjoy the slow and wonderful time.

At the top is a lookout to look out at, becoming the heart of the site and carrying the urban spirit of Chongqing.

From here, as far as the eye can see, the city's rolling blood, and Juxtaposed and undulating bones. The landscape of Chongqing had a wild vitality and constant force, and life in it was like sitting on top of this floating lookout, quietly looking at the city and living in peace, alone but satisfied .


 12000 mq


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