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A Moon to put down the heavy burden of urban life


Landscape  /  Completed
The project is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, and adjacent to Yu Shan Lake Park. When the designer comes to the site, the wind is soft and reeds float, and there are parent-child picnics and crowds of friends who meet each other, revealing a relaxed, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. When the landscape is involved, the building scheme tends to be stable. The building is a simple and transparent suspension block. Looking out from the third floor, you can see the whole lake view resources to the maximum extent. Considering the conditions of the local environment and architecture, we came up with an idea after brainstorming.

This project takes the simplest way and the most direct expression. We create a "lake" and a "moon" to express the atmosphere of a scene that a moon rises from the lake, which lights up the whole space. Visitors can experience the interaction with natural wind, light, shadow and water in the changes of light , shadow and material.

After deduction, an appealing, enjoyable, interesting, and meditative story line emerges. We use the techniques of public art design, and create a lake and a moon.

Enter through the entrance, the traveller walked into the bamboo forest. The curved valley lengthens the pedestrian experience.The structure of the roadside uses the splice of broken wall and stainless steel mirror to form light and shadow changes.

Turning to the far end of the valley, a circular device lit up the space above the mirrored water.

A round pneumatic device floated above the large water. During the day, reflected by natural sunlight, the round pneumatic device is like a sun on a lake, shining with dazzling crystal white light. At night, the yellow light of the installation lights up, and the reflections on the sparkling water pour over the pieces of star awn.

After that, a white light grid winds through the small space. Each small space in the courtyard becomes active. The light and psychedelic mirror maze is a small world in the Crystal Palace, reflecting light and shadow and making it strange and strange.

The design starts from the most core source point and creates a scene atmosphere with stories and characteristics by means of art, time and narration. The reason why we adopt such a simple way of design in this site is that we hope the audience can put down the heavy burden of urban life and get close to nature with their bodies and walk towards the lakes and mountains in their hearts.


 4670 mq
 Shanghai Zhongjing Architecture


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