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With traditional office decoration model, many owners are suffering because they need to be involved in every link, but still meet with a lot of problems because of “unprofessional" . Therefore, the requirement of integration service in the market for office space are increasingly strong.

Dongguan YUHENG INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT LIMITED OFFICE SPACE project is a successful case of integration service for office space .

With the continuous development of the company, YUHENG company move into new office at the top floor of building. The company hopes to improve the overall image of the company and maximize the use of space through high-quality design. At the same time, fully consider the individual's physical and mental feelings and use habits, to create a collaborative and Shared office environment, and meet the green environmental standards.

In this project, ELP DESIGN provides the whole process of service from office space interior design, soft decoration design, display design, decoration construction and soft decoration supply, so that the owners can enjoy the convenient service experience of "carrying bags in".

The design team communicated closely with the owners to fully understand the needs of the owners, thought deeply and studied how to perfectly combine the needs of the owners with the design, and formed the final design strategy: the overall office space was shaped into a fluid open space to maximize the communication efficiency of employees. Through the use of materials and lighting, a bright open, warm and comfortable office space is created.

Different materials are used according to different spatial properties. The main entrance space has a depth of up to 4 meters. The ceiling is made of aluminum plate, and the floor and wall are made of marble and solid wood components to show the company's temperament and highlight the quality of the space.

On the whole, the floor is made of marble and high-end plastic imitation wood, all of which contain zero formaldehyde. The walls are made of solid wood veneer and hard covering board, which are assembled on site through factory prefabrication to minimize the pollution of site construction.

After the design is completed, the furniture, lamps and lanterns and soft decoration are customized according to the overall design style, which can be perfectly integrated with the design style in the office. The overall design and construction integration service cycle is only 4 months, the owner basically does not need to put too much energy, save a lot of time, manpower and material resources, but also improve the efficiency of cooperation between the design and construction, to ensure the construction quality.


 Yuheng Industrial Investment Limited
 Xiao Han, Yuchen Xie, Jinlong Li
 Guanhong Chen


ELP DESIGN is a design company that pursuit innovation, the courage to practice, in the same time pay attention to the design quality, technology and cost control.
Our main services including industrial park, science and technology town, office building, enterprise headquarters, industrial zone of urban renewal, urban village renovation and relative interior design.
At the same time we published professional review articles in the new media actively, receiving good response and hundreds of thousands of times of clicks online.
The meaning of "Er Li" is “Archive what you have learned then be steadfast”. It tells the designers who can form their own style by practice to use what they have learned.


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