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The Interior Design Of Two Municipal Premises In Novo Mesoiro

Barge Bouza Arquitectura

Interior  /  Completed
Barge Bouza Arquitectura

It is a matter of projecting two municipal premises on the ground floor of a building intended for official protection housing. Located in a newly created neighborhood in which people from different social situations coexist, the premises are not adjacent despite their proximity, thus establishing a similar relationship in terms of materialization, although with different programmatic approaches.

We design the interior reforms for various community uses, proposing to give the population open spaces where they can carry out different recreational activities such as:
- children in conciliation hours.
- cultural and youth (rehearsal, training, recreation, workshops).
- neighborhood initiatives or neighborhood associations and groups.
- place of information, meeting and public outreach, even in the face of mediation and integration between neighborhood groups.

We propose versatility and polyvalence as a general strategy, despite its various specificities.
It was also requested to solve a problem of access control in the houses that limited the premises, which required generating transparency and continuity towards the interior, allowing longitudinal vision between both portals.

The first premises is located in the corner of the building, and offers the possibility of prolonging the interior space, with the use of large glass panels that try to blur the limits to the outside. It is equipped with a small kitchen and a toilet, being possible different divisions depending on the different uses. In turn, we use the entire height, introducing an intermediate level that allows differentiating a reading area or use of electronic devices from that of workshop use, implementing a storage space below it.

In the second, we propose the materialization of an abstract plot that absorbs the complexity of the program. In this way, a support element is designed that, by repetition, defines the interior and helps its perception as unique and open, in turn fleeing from divisions. The result is therefore the design of a wooden structure that dilutes the limits and extends spatially outward and viceversa. On the other hand, the municipal services emphasized the need to introduce a small auditorium for audiovisual performances and uses. Thus, we open longitudinal and cross-sectional perspectives, which turned the premises into one or two according to programmatic needs, and in turn we allow completely close and blind the auditorium area while the other part remain open and independent.

Regarding its materialization, the support element is composed of a wooden portico that facilitates the implementation of cabinets, mobile partitions, shelves, work tables, lighting fixtures, etc. In contrast to the wooden porticos, mobile elements appear that can open and close spaces, store furniture such as stackable chairs, boards and easels, as well as sinks for use in different workshops. In this way, we create a versatile and transformable container to house the different social uses that are demanded.

For the exterior definition, the portico itself is transferred to the different facades, extending and defining the three fronts that make up a network of voids and fills that dialogues at a compositional level with the upper floors of the residential building.


 La Coruña
 Concello A Coruña
 Santiago Barge and María Belén Bouza
 Barge Bouza Architecture
 Hector Santos Díez and Santiago Barge Ferreiros


Founded in 2001, Barge Bouza architecture consists of two architects Santiago Barge Ferreiros and Mª Belén Bouza Cora. They have been awarded with several international prizes like Honourable Mention International biennial Architecture Prize “Barbara Cappochin” 2013, FAD awards Architecture Prize 2013, the 3rd International Prize “Menhir” for European Union Architects 2003 and selected in international competition "44 young architects international" studies with work built of europe and america 2007. And national prizes like selected XI Biennial of spanish architecture and planing 2011, 1st Prize COAG 2011 and Special Mention Prize COAG 2004. Other awards worth pointing out are 1st prize national competition for the building of the Cultural and Ethnographics Center of Mandeo river A Coruña 2011, 2nd prize national competition for the building of a 50 units housing neighbourhood in Covadonga, Ourense 2006.

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