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Office C means strong harmony and strong impact

Forte Architetti

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Forte Architetti
Our design proposal for Office C is closely linked to the nature of the company business but is simultaneously linked and characterised by the specificity of the venue.
The client: company C is a multinational company operating in the energy field, by its nature it has close relationships with international customers for whom it often organises formal and informal meetings. In addition, beside being an art collector, the CEO is a profound connoisseur of themes related to design and architecture.
The places: these are two anonymous offices of modest size separated from each other by a communal passage also used by other users of the same building. This added an important level of complexity to the architect's work since we had to create an ideal conjunction of two physically separate parts.
The brief: the client has been very clear from the first moment. We were asked first of all to minimise the devastating presence of the passage (read above) and to better combine the two spaces so as to obtain a homogeneous continuum. In his brief, the client also gave a significant weight to the part of his activity related to promotion and important moments of lobbying and, consequently, to the need of having adequate spaces to entertain.

We then proceeded to distort the rigid given grid by creating a sequence of dynamic spaces in continuous relationship between them. The goal was to break the traditional office scheme with separate and individual environments to create a more dynamic workplace and more in line with the company dynamics. It was therefore chosen to generate two souls of the same project: the first social, luxurious and sophisticated one where one can receive and entertain visiting customers from overseas and where the same employees can spend time between business meetings: the second lighter, practical and functional where the staff can comfortably work and interact.
This duplicity was expressed through the use of different devices: space management, alternation of materials and colours, lighting balance.
A non-linear corridor articulates and marks the sequence of spaces, generating always new and unexpected visual perspectives but at the same time creating moments of privacy and intimacy. This corridor also works as 'trait d’union' of the two souls previously described. In fact, despite the presence of the interruption (the communal passage) it follows discontinue lines that hold all the parts together and generate that continuity otherwise denied.
White and green: these are the two tones that guide the composition. The former used for the 'conventional' workspace, the latter for the more public area. Timber, glass, carpets are the materials that combined together generate the alchemy sought after from the first moment. The alternation of grey glass partitions, semi-transparent timber panels, alternately timber floors and carpets, the chromatic continuity between the floor, ceiling and wall close the circle around a perfectly balanced and successful composition.
Finally, the use of linear and modular lighting fixtures has made it possible to emphasise the views and angles according to the needs of use. It is in fact a magnetic system that allows an almost complete customisation of the lighting according to different needs.
The meticulous spatial research has generated an unconventional work environment, characterized by a strong harmony and a strong impact that is perfectly reflected in the image and vision of the client company.


 Cape Town
 Carbonado Energy (Pty) Ltd
 243 mq
 Forte Architetti
 R. Forte - V. Brullo - V. Di Marco
 CJP Projects
 Flos - Giorgetti - Herman Miller - Molteni - Fantini - Globo ceramiche -
 Adam Letch


Forte Architetti is an international studio of design with strong Italian roots and a global vision. It was established in 2015 by Roberto Forte, who, after years of working experience abroad, in Australia, Germany and Switzerland and in Italy as well, decided to create FAR-Catania and, one year later, FAR-Cape Town.
Despite its strong cosmopolitan vocation, FAR maintains both attitude and appeal of the traditional made in Italy architecture, with the goal of exporting its quality abroad: the Mediterranean background is part of our style, in our approach towards environment and in the matter of our works.
FAR is a team of architects and engineers with solid experience that spans across architecture and interior design, specialized in the field of residences, retail, and office design.
FAR offers feasibility studies, full architectural and planning services, site management and supervision for an authentic outcome of the original idea and the guarantee of high quality standards.

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