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Hangzhou Poly Tianhui Sales Office, around technology and fashion


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The project is located in a new commercial center in Binjiang District,Hangzhou. As a high-tech Development Zone, it will attract a variety of high-tech elites in the future. Therefore, the design theme of the project will be carried out around the sense of technology and fashion to fit the regional and project positioning.

In the exploration of the theme of the project, we think that time is the most important element that can best express the urban development and the closest to human life. As a product of human world,time has many ways of existence. It can be a pointer on a clock, a trace of running water, or a landscape of sunrise and sunset.

Time is everywhere, we then concretely turn it into a clock shape. So is the dynamic life of the contemporary era that connects all of us at the rhythm of a clock.

The reflection of the state of material motion is the time we perceive, or time is the appearance of material movement. Through the perception of things in life, we have determined the ubiquitous element of time. Hope to use time to connect the details of life, and then touch people's heart.

Nowadays, the rhythm of people's life is accelerating gradually. So time is becoming more and more precious in people's world. In this project we have a lot of bold experiments, from concept to technology application. The concept of time line runs through the design and presents the effect with the application of new technology. In the conceptual stage of the design work, we went through a lot of thinking and modification, and finally decided on this plan. We wanted the design to be presented in an elegant way and to be connected to the modern sense and the art. When people are exposed to such design works, they can feel beauty and think about design. The process and rhythm of people's activities can show the passage and process of time. Therefore, using time as a design element to apply to space as a link to the city.

After investigation, we summed up six morphological elements that can reflect time in space. And through the design techniques, these elements are integrated into our design, and the concept of time is implemented from the beginning to the end.

On the layout, we show time in the form of a clock. The whole space is like a huge dial, and other functional areas are like components on the dial, which together constitute the visual concept of the clock.


 Rita Fabiano


Rita Fabiano graduated at University of Catania,Architecture Faculty of Siracusa, Italy.She obtained a Master's degree in Architecture and later passed qualification exams for professional licence.In 2012 her thesis (about Scenography of the opera "The Tales of Hoffmann") has been shown at the Architecture Biennale of Venice. After the first educational period she started working in Italy as interior designer and architect in different design firms focusing on residential projects of Apartments and Villas. For HWCD studio she worked on projects like Renheng Yanland Sales Office and Clubhouse, Shanghai Hongkou Haitai project,Hangzhou Poly Sales Office, Xi An Public Spaces and Service Apartments..

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