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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, it shows poetic drama language

Zhou He

Interior  /  Completed
Zhou He

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is located in Suichang, Zhejiang. Tang Xianzu, a Ming Dynasty dramatist known as "Oriental Shakespeare", once called Suichang "fairyism country" and created the world-renowned masterpiece "Peony Pavilion" here. The "Chayuan Village" where the project is located is located in Jiulong Mountain, a national nature reserve, hidden in an alpine forest at an altitude of 650 meters. It is called "Tea Garden", and its geographical pattern is "the left side is like a banner, the right side is like a gun knife," and there is a sentence in the Peony Pavilion: Witch Hazel. The "flag gun" or "gun flag" is synonymous with good tea. When the ancestors of the Roche family discovered this paradise, they were selling bowls and porcelain at that time. They bought porcelain from Longquan Baoxi, picked it up and sold it all the way. When they came to the mountain opposite, they found this Feng Shui treasure Place, decided to settle here. It is a hollow village with a resident population of less than 50 people. Villagers have been practicing martial arts for many years and have a deep knight spirit. Since ancient times, they have a strong sense of ecological protection. They have been The tree has not been cut for hundreds of years. Such a village that protects ecology and life attracts investors. In order to rejuvenate the village, the mountain village was transformed into an eco-friendly village suitable for living, built on the premise of retaining the original ecology and architectural appearance. Residents Mixed with tourists.
Wanjing Design Company uses a unique "poetic drama language" for soft decoration, and uses local natural materials and traditional handicrafts to integrate into the local natural landscape. All tables are hand-made from logs and all hand-made by local craftsmen. Local wood and ceramic art and bamboo art use modern design techniques to show their original appearance, retain the historical atmosphere, and retain the spirituality of this land. This is the most direct way to return to reality.
The village has a long history and profound cultural heritage. Based on respect and exploration of traditional history and culture, the designer introduced modern design concepts to achieve the combination of tradition and modernity. Whether it is "Tang Xianzu Culture", "Longquan Celadon", "Longquan Sword", etc., they have inspired designers and revitalized them in a modern way. Create a state of chivalry, nature, modernity and comfort.
The entire design incorporates historical art and objects into the old and new dialogues in the interior, retaining the original original culture and temperament, and combining functionality and modern comfort. All local bamboo and greenery are used as decorative elements in the rooms. They are natural in nature and echo the scenery outside the window. If you are among them, you can observe the change of four seasons.
Every old beam and pillar, old brick wall, old earthen wall, and every hand-furnished furniture support the past. Together with outdoor pastoral paintings, they pry up an ideal lifestyle like a peach blossom realm.


 Ke Wei
 Shenzhen Wanjing International Design Consultant Co., Ltd.
 Xiao En


Designer Zhou He:
Founder / design director of HLD Wanjing Design; founder of Serpentine Gallery
He has been engaged in interior design for 14 years. He is committed to space exploration under the framework of Eastern philosophy, especially on the artistic and psychological level. He knows how to explore and meet the different psychological needs of each owner, and organically connects the aesthetics of space with personal social life. With a passion for artistic life, she opened the Serpentine Gallery in 2016. The expression of space is better achieved through art.

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