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Brownstone House, an architectural style in New York

Studio Arthur Casas

Interior  /  Completed
Studio Arthur Casas

Brownstone is an architectural style present in New York. These buildings are known by being row and vertical houses with brownstone facades, placed in long and narrow grounds. The project consists on the refurbishment of one of these residences, and, at the same time, seeks to respect the historical character of this architecture and offers a practical, contemporary and technological solution for the sectorization of an extensive program distributed over its six floors.
These six levels ended up defining the rooms distribution, always well integrated to make the most out of the restricted entrance of natural lighting - guaranteed only through both facades. On the first floor, there is the kitchen, the office and a backyard with BBQ area. This kitchen, with its black counter and cabinets, was a challenge to Studio Arthur Casas, as it differs from the traditional Studio’s light tones. To complement this dark atmosphere, white panels and woodwork brought more lightness to the environment.
The second floor is dedicated to social areas - such as the bar, dinner room and living room for the visits. As it was impossible to modify the historical frontal facade of the Brownstone, this floor slab was retracted in the back facade, in order to offer more space and a new and wide window, connecting first and second floor. To guarantee an intimate space to the family - a couple with 2 kids -, the bedrooms, Gym, TV Room, Outdoor fireplace lounge were placed in the 3 upper floors.
The Decor has neutral shades contrasting to the dark facade. The oak flooring of the upper levels brings softness, while Limestone in warm shades and fabrics and furniture in earthy tones make a subtle reference to the Middle East natural colors, the owner’s homeland. The clients asked for a closed carpentry, with clean lines and few decorative objects, valuing a minimalist aspect.  The interest in Brazilian identity is noticed by a selection of several furniture - many of them designed by Arthur Casas - and works of art.
The project’s highlight is the Indoor Pool, placed in the underground floor. The natural lighting, guaranteed by a skylight, offers a dramaticity to this ambience, which also divides the space with a warehouse and technical areas. To complement the lighting, lighting coves and linear built-in lights enhances the geometric design of the wooden bench, a strategy replicated throughout the residence. 


 New York
 Author: Arthur Casas /// Team: Tamy Tutihashi, Natalia Valente, Raissa Furlan, Victoria Chaves, Paulina Tabet, André Honda
 Team: Tamy Tutihashi, Natalia Valente, Raissa Furlan, Victoria Chaves, Paulina Tabet, André Honda
 Illumination Strategic Design (lighting)
 Stone Source (stones), Vitrocsa (framing), Lutron (automation), Walking on wood (wooden flooring), Fantini Rubinetti, CEA e Agape (metals and ceramics); Florim (Ceramic coatings)
 Filippo Bamberghi


From the object to the landscape, inside out, the creative process of Studio Arthur Casas is intimately connected to a horizontal scale, where the main concern is the dialogue in the conception of programs that can be as diverse as a chair or an entire neighborhood, influenced by a spirit both modernist and contemporary - that is Brazilian but also cosmopolitan. Since 1999, the team of designers, architects and urbanists works from São Paulo and NY, and has built in several cities worldwide such as Tokyo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, NY and São Paulo, creating a vocabulary that is recognized and published internationally.
The Studio has over 300 concluded projects in several areas, including residential and commercial architecture, corporate and urban projects, public competitions, interiors and object design, maintaining its main guideline: the challenge of satisfying clients who expect more than excellence and quality; the aim of arousing inspiration through architecture and design.

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