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Iris Residential Tower, a 16 storey residential luxury building


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Iris tower is a 16 storey residential luxury building, located at the east coast of Limassol next to a coastal forest. The development includes 30 apartments organised in 15 floors, a swimming pool with other common leisure facilities on 1st floor and private and public parking space on two levels.
The concept proposal of Iris residential tower was assigned to EP Architects by a Cypriot developer in 2018 and the architectural design was submitted the same year. It is submitted as a future project.
EP Architects architectural methodology in the design of Iris building, challenges the concept of viewing through the articulation and shape of residential spaces in plan and elevation. Iris, as the circular structure in the eye around the pupil, is responsible for controlling its diameter and size like a diaphragm, and thus the amount of light reaching the retina. Therefore this residential building is named Iris after the concept of light and view control.
Like eye colour is defined by that of the iris, in this case Iris’s ‘’Green’’ balconies and their vegetation filter the light and create a microclimate for the residents to enjoy the sea view. The balcony design approach, responds to the climate in Cyprus which is characterised by high temperatures and a bio-climatic design strategy. The design concept of balconies facilitates the division of each floor into two apartments. This design concept was very important as it signifies the articulation of two housing units in each floor, while at the same time creates a structural and ornamental feature on the building’s elevations. The layout of one apartment per floor was also designed as an alternative solution.
All floors follow the same logic besides the 1st floor which extends towards the sea view to accommodate the common areas around the swimming pool. Also, a second slab that sits below the slab of 2nd Residential floor extends beyond the basic structure of the balconies in order to protect their privacy from the common areas of the swimming pool.
The building structure is made from reinforced concrete and its facade is cladded with fibre concrete panels. The panels’ geometry are designed to have single curved surfaces. The ceilings in the balconies are cladded with synthetic wood and the floors and interior of the apartments are cladded with terrazzo materials. Micro-cement coating is used for the floors of the external covered and uncovered areas.


 8900 mq


EP Architects architectural design practise is based in Cyprus, with directors Elina Pattichi and Taulant Tozaj. The practise was founded in 2011 by Elina Pattichi. EP Architects practise is working on a wide scope of projects, inspired by the interest in advanced digital design techniques for the development of innovative avant-garde, sustainable and structurally efficient architectural designs. Research is integral part of the firm’s methodology incorporating information from other engineering disciplines. The firm has received seven awards in European architectural competitions. EPArchitects gained considerable international attention when the T. Papadopoulos Footbridge in Pafos received the Special Judges’ Recognition at the International 2013 MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Awards competition. Important was also the 1st award received for the design proposal of the new archaeological museum of Sparta.


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