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Illusion Tower, the special sequence of the elliptical floor


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The project "Illusion Tower" was born in Dubai, right on the Sheikh Zayed Road, the main thoroughfare of Emirates. The twisted façade shape constitutes the building's main feature. So far there is nothing new because there are many achievements in the world, distinguished by such characteristics. What makes the project unique, is the special sequence of the elliptical floor of the typical floor, that according to an algorithm, allows the tower façade to represent itself through a real illusion, with respect to the position from which it is observed.
Briefly, the tower is perceived as "fat", and with a façade profile convex from those that come from the North, for example. Whereas for those who come from the other side, as the South, the tower is "lean" and appears with a concave profile.
Only through the management and relationship of the variables at stake, such as the height, the foci of the ellipse, the consequentiality of the different floors and their angle of incidence, is it possible to achieve that effect. In this case, this effect is made more "dramatic" because of the choice of the external "blades", with a variable section shape that is not perpendicular to the ground.
This expedient was used to emphasize the twisting effect of the tower and, it is made more "illusory" by a perception of the building during the movement of the observer, for example in a car.
For this reason, the location of the tower is strategic if it is close to a high-flow artery. Given the peculiarity of the construction, the night lighting will also make the effect of the changing shape, due to the observer's movement, extremely expressive.
There is no similar construction in the world that represents the same illusory effect, that transforms the tower from convex to concave or vice versa, as the point of observation changes.
The complex consists of two towers each 220 meters high, 60 floors of which 7 are used as parking. The ground floor is for commercial use and the remaining, in addition to two technical floors per building, are residential.
The "efficiency" given by the Ground Floor Area and Saleable Area ratio is 91.2, very high compared to the norm of similar buildings. Inside we find functions to support the inhabitants, such as gym, spa, indoor garden, kindergarten, party rooms, golf simulator, and common spaces. While on the podium there are outdoor usable areas such as the adult pool, for children, solarium, hot tub, Zen garden, climbing, jogging track, barbecue, square and arena for shows.


 Pier Maria Giordani, Francesco Quadrelli, Marta Dituri, Lorenzo Mazzi, Raffaele Reggiani, Roberto Reggiani, Mario Scaffardi, Chen Zhen, Marija Milenkoska, Faris Khan


The Recs Architects studio was founded in 2011 by four architects, experts in different research
fields, ranging from architecture to urban planning. Their aim was and continues to be, to bring
together interdisciplinary knowledge into a single professional identity, believing that the role of
the Architecture and the Architect in the new millennium is too articulated to be run by individual workers.
The long-year experience of the four partners in fundamental urban planning disciplines (urban
planner, urban design, mobility strategy, environmental sustainability) allows our studio to be at
the forefront of understanding the dynamics that govern the development of the city.
The primary goal of the Recs architects’ philosophy and the last one of all civilian countries that are at the forefront.

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