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Best In Black, a nineteenth floor residential complex

Valdez Arquitectos

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Valdez Arquitectos

Best in Black is a nineteenth floor residential complex in Puebla, Mexico, it is a project that achieves a different kind of facades that originate from the conceptualization of the Tetris game, giving the development a balance of comfort and light to the four facades of the building while having great views from the apartments to the famous "Popocatepetl and iztaccíhuatl" volcanoes and the skyline of the city. Being in a great location, at only 18 minutes from the immensely rich cultural downtown, this project provides the touch of warm and elegant materials to define the tone of the kind of lifestyle for a unique city as Puebla.

The overall shape remained as the traditional rectangular shape, so the materials and types of shapes of the Tetris pieces themed openings and closures can be more evident to the gaze of the building.

This building has up to nine different types of apartments for the diverse needs of the people, the development of floors was given due to the knowledge of the necessities of the users, this resulted in the program which consists of three parking levels with the main lobby, 15 levels with a total of 32 apartments, including an exclusive penthouse at the top and a whole floor dedicated to bringing amenities to the users like a fitness TRX center, steam rooms, game room, party room, and a terrace for unique social gatherings.

As the façade originates from the concept of the all-time classic Tetris game, this gave the project the principles of the game but in an elegant type of old time-black and gray version. The four facades are the result of this development of the concept, where the random placement of the Tetris game shapes form the walls and windows of the building, meanwhile, the dark tones of the materials are based on the absence of color in that particular old version that the lead architect had visualized for years for a project like this.

This project was a unique opportunity for the team to blend the private and public spaces, having as result nine different kinds of apartments, ranging from small to big as the penthouse, while being mixed almost seamlessly with the structure and the public spaces, this gave us the feeling that it would make the user feel unique and comfortable in their space. Playing this Tetris game as our original idea, we managed to develop a balance of comfort and light in our main facade and the living areas.


 Asfalto y Asociados
 Valdez Arquitectos
 Fernando Valdez, Victor Ayala, Omar Karim, Jimena Abad


At Valdez Arquitectos, our main objective is to know and understand the needs of our client, to turn them into unique expressions that highlight the design and functionality that the developments of the 21st century need.

In each project, we seek to achieve an innovative result that is in shape with delivery times and budget, without sacrificing quality or professionalism, which has positioned us as the best option to develop in México and abroad.

Our experience guarantees us in the realization of projects that go from houses to industrial designs of high performance, since our team, has the versatility to adapt and deliver without impediments.


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