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Angst, the most prestigious and stylish hotel in europe


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The former HOTEL ANGST was considered the most prestigious and stylish hotel in Europe between the XIX and XX century and was one of the favourite vacation destination for the likes of Queen Victoria, Claude Monet, Jean Cocteau, Andrew Carnegie and Louis Comfort Tiffany.
Althought dilapidated and abandoned today, Angst remains a symbol for both the Italian Riviera, Bordighera and the guests that visit the area. Located just 20 minutes from luxurious Monte Carlo and Sanremo, the hotel is surrounded by lush romantic botanical gardens. Hotel ANGST was built in several stages between 1887 and 1914 by Swiss magnate and philanthropist, Adolf Angst. It was considered to be the most exclusive and prestigious hotel in Europe in the late 1800’s. Over time Angst’s fame and importance grew dramatically; throwing receptions, galas, dinners and parties. Celebrities came from all over Europe to stay in what became one of the most important hotels for the elite in the continent.
Experiencing Angst means being part of an elite with ancient roots. Its history, along with the
important guests who lived its refined interiors, makes it an exclusive and unique place.
The project envisions the refurbishment of the 7-storey historical building. The residential building will consist in ca. 13.000 square meters and 74 apartments of different sizes.
The common areas of the historical hotel are under restauration to preserve theirs functions and style, as they will be also open for public viewing in certain occasions through the year. These will host the new prestigious lobby space in front of the historical main staircase, an area where the floors, the walls and the ceilings will preserve the feeling of the guest to arrive in a place of endless charme.
Other common area for leisure and outdoor activities, like the pool and the gym, take place into the historical park, rich of palm and botanical spices actually under renovation.
One other main aspect of the project is the construction of a new glass building block on the west side reminding the old glasshouses of the botanical gardens of the 19th century which was well received by the heritage office. The façade facing the historical park and the pool are going to be preserved and restored, while consolidated with structural plaster on the inside, and the all floors are going to be substitute with new typologies of structures to respect the new structural codes in terms of earthquakes.

Each house is conceived to take advantage of the magnificent sea view and the surrounding scenery. Each room will be flooded by natural light thanks to the favorable position of the building that dominates the encompassing environment with an open view toward the sea.
The blue of the sea and the green of the palm trees, always visible from the large windows, are the two main colors used for the interior’s palette.
We elaborated four proposal for the apartments which corresponds to four different moods. Each of them deals with the historical building and the environment in a particular and unique way.
Our aim is creating luxurious, comfortable and timeless houses, selecting natural and durable materials and designing every detail with care.


 Immobiliare Angst – Bizzi & Partners Development S.p.A.
 23.800 mq
 Tectoo srl
 Milan Ingegneria – Structure, United Consulting – MEP, GAe Engineering – Fire Fighting / Fire Safety, Erika Skabar – Landscape, Delucchi & Maldotti – Geology, Romeo Safety Italia – Health & Safety, B&B Progetti – Quantity Surveying / Cost Control
 Edile Engineering & Construction S.p.A.
 Render: No‌ë & Associates - Photo: Tectoo srl


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