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The client’s living style becomes Louvers House

Nguyen Hoang Manh

House / Completed
Nguyen Hoang Manh

From MIA Design Studio’s perspective, Louvers house is not only a living shelter but also reflects our client’s living style. The client intended a special combination of spaces where communication between different generations would be preserved, has part of Vietnamese family tradition. As such, the design process started with a big central void to connect all the members of the house. This void with water scape and skylight creates a natural connection between bedrooms, living room, Spa, Gym and even the parking area. The principle has an ingenious use of natural ventilation to keep the building cool and give the family a refreshing atmosphere that is highlighted with local. As such, the void becomes a healing environment as the living soul of the house.

The house, facing sun rise, “catches” the soft and straight light early in the morning and the harsh and aggressive in the middle of the day. To solve deal with this challenge, we have created a big canopy to reduce the heat from harsh sunlight at high angle and the vertical louvers to let the early sunlight to enter the house and freshen the morning breeze with shadows and morning sunlight. The shadows pattern is one of the natural characteristics that we considered during the design to express nature’s influence in architecture.

Adittionaly, the project takes advantage of the park located in front of this property by raising the living floor for a higher view to the surrounding landscape and, as a consequence, create better accessibility to the parking area. With this level difference, a stair way that connects the street level to the house main entrance creates a friendly welcome ambience through the landscape and water flow working has a stress relief from daily life. Designing a house with private but open spaces has created a comfortable living area where the family can enjoy a luxurious wellness in privacy.

Our design does not only reflect the culture of a modern Vietnamese family but is also adapted to the tropical weather to protect the subject from the weather intempérie. Our philosophy is not only to create forms and spaces but also to connect people life styles with nature.

City: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Client: Mai Thanh
Completion Date: 2018
Gross Floor Area (mq): 2064
Principal Architects: Nguyen Hoang Manh
Architecture Concept Design: Nguyen Quoc Long, Nguyen Ha Nam
Technical Design: Bui Hoang Bao, Le Van Hung
Photo Credits: Oki Hiroyuki


 Ho Chi Minh City
 Ms. Mai Thanh
 Nguyen Hoang Manh
 Bùi Hoàng Bảo, Nguyen Quoc Long, Lê Văn Hùng, Nguyen Ha Nam
 Oki Hiroyuki


MIA Design Studio is an innovative Master planning, Architecture - and Interior design studio in Asia. The company was born in Vietnam, in 2003.

The team of architects and designers with great admirers of the modernist movement seeks to fulfill the difficult task of rethinking and giving continuity to this iconic generation. The projects of MIA Design Studio are valued for their formal simplicity, integration of interior and exterior into fluid spaces with special attention to landscape and climate conditions of each project.

MIA Design Studio seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy and development space. Sustainable design uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the building environment. The idea of sustainability, or ecological design, is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations.

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