Federico Delrosso Architects - Teca House comes from the “roots” of an agricultural past
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Teca House comes from the “roots” of an agricultural past

Federico Delrosso Architects

House / Completed
Federico Delrosso Architects

Two large horizontal wings suspended in the void rooted in the ground by small agricultural manufacture of which it was desired to preserve traces. A completely openable glass closure that defines the volume and allows the return to dive completely in the surrounding landscapes. Teca House is a transparent entity immersed in nature.

Project Teca House had the purpose of recovering a small rustic building on the Biellese hills and is based on a composite inversion intervention, which leads to outside, dematerializing it, an existing small rustic volume, giving life to a new function on the territory. From the “roots” of an agricultural past, now of desuetude, of which, however, the signs are maintained, a contemporary artwork is born, rooted in the territory and balance with it but permeated with new possibilities.

The relationship between the past and the present and the "opera" and context is balanced without altering the dimensional equilibrium of the site and enhancing the environmental value and becoming not only cultural but also a visual reference. The rural wall system becomes the base, the connection with the territory from which the new intervention is born, light and transparent: a structure in concrete that opens towards the landscape with two large horizontal wings and a completely openable glass layer that contains the volume.

Built with reinforced concrete slabs and metal structural columns, Teca House has a total built space of about 180m2 with the first floor occupying 70m2, office space on the ground floor of about 30m2 and a multipurpose basement space of around 80m2.

This display case is built using materials like glass, concrete, metal, and stone keeping the rawness of the materials alive. The overall building is an open structure that allows natural light from all faces and is surrounded by the nature that amalgamates within the architecture itself. The project involved a sophisticated design for the building shell with the elimination of thermal bridges, which brought the building to achieve Class A4 which helps in low energy consumption and high efficiency.

“In this project, the display case holds the man and his emotions. A privileged and poetic point of view, a total immersion in nature, almost as if the user were suspended in the void. At the same time, it works in negative: glance is raised from inside to outside, indicating human being centrality”. - Federico Delrosso


 Federico Delrosso
 Federico Delrosso
 Matteo Piazza


Federico Delrosso, architect and designer from Biella, operates at an international level since 2001, when he established his studio Federico Delrosso Architects in Milan, dedicated towards architecture, interior and product design.

Respecting the natural surroundings, urban context and the spirit of the spaces, intense like the energy and conscious imprint in the memory of spaces, Federico Delrosso conceives projects with a refined lightness characterized with a minimalist and naturalistic approach.

The homogeneity of materials, often left natural and raw, and the study of light, sensed as an emotional and tangible component of each project, represents the essential elements of his stylistic research and the very idea of architecture. The latter is in fact conceived as a "self-seeking soul in every detail of light and shade to reach the delicate balance that makes it independent of those who created it, lives it or will live it."


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