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Tropical romance in a Mediterranean paradise, olea all suite hotel

BLOCK722 architects+

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BLOCK722 architects+
Tropical romance in a Mediterranean paradise

Olea All Suite Hotel blurs the lines between nature and nurture.
On the eastern side of Greece’s greenest island, Zakynthos, lies a dreamy, adults-friendly haven
that blends key aspects of Mediterranean architecture with a dash of tropical modernism.
Perched organically on the hill in Tsilivi, sheltered from the winds and merging with the emerald
colors of the lush natural landscape, the Olea All Suite Hotel is a contemporary, peaceful
retreat; a design-led sanctuary that taps into the ever-present element of water.
At the center of it all, functioning as the tranquil heart of the hotel is a 4000 sq.m man-made lake
with suites and hotel facilities developing naturally around it. The calming, transforming power
of water flowing freely through the veins of the Olea All Suite Hotel cannot be understated. The
complete absence of boundaries between the resort's suites and the communal spaces
cultivates a unique sense of freedom and mindfulness resembling the deep state of relaxation
one feels when floating.

“The idea was to introduce a resort that embraces everything that makes this island so
wonderful, but in a contemporary way. From its warm-hearted people and the unique ingredients of local cuisine, to the lush vegetation and the majestic beaches, Zakynthos has just so many meaningful experiences to offer a traveler. Olea utilises all the above and adds more magic through modern, clean design and an ever-present element of water”, says Venia Xenou on behalf of the Xenos Hotel Group that is behind this project.

The Athens based architecture practice Block722architects+ is responsible for Olea’s design and concept. They worked closely with the existing vegetation — like the venerable olive trees that have been gracing this plot of land for centuries. Using natural materials (like rustic oak wood, bamboo, and rattan) and techniques, they redefined the physical environment while emphasising the autonomy of each suite unit, with the result resembling more of a luxurious, tropical island settlement. “The most important thing to us was how the guests would experience their surroundings,” says Katja Margaritoglou, co-founder and interior designer for the firm. “The design aims to bring guests in sync with nature and its elements, connecting the indoors with the outdoors in a seamless way that helps them unwind and explore
the resort in its entirety.”

Keeping up with the mindfulness, nature and relaxation aspects, Olea All Suite Hotel puts a big
emphasis on wellness. Guests can rejuvenate at the Wellness Spa & Relaxation area (with
special aromatic and essential oils therapies using Mediterranean herbs), train at the fully
equipped gym, pamper themselves at the beauty salon and unwind at the yoga pavilion. Of
course, they can also swim or float in the all-encompassing lake-like pool.

Around this “lake”, natural meeting points are formed. Lounges are protected from the sun by
the cooling shadows of pergolas and trees, where guests can enjoy a variety of snacks and
drinks all day long, or have their taste buds regaled by the culinary options that tap into Greek
and Mediterranean flavours with a creative spin. Furthermore, at the Sunset Bar which is
strategically positioned so that the rays of the setting sun envelop every inch of the premises,
one can find an exclusive menu of signature cocktails.

About the location

Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is a striking mosaic of green and blue in the Ionian sea.
Famous for its Shipwreck beach (Navagio), an exposed cove that’s home to the wreck of an old
smuggler’s ship, Zakynthos has countless more traits that make it a compelling destination to
the discerning traveler. With the juxtaposition of the island’s craggy, mountainous interior with
the lush green, pine-forested hills that lead to so many lace-like beaches and coves with crystal
blue waters, it can only be rivalled by the local nature’s overwhelming bounty. This is the land of
honey and olive oil, of grapes and wine, and of rich cheese. This is also a land bursting with
wildlife, where the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles make their home on the island’s southern
coast. This is a land where you can take a step back, and allow your senses to be dazzled.
Just five kilometers away from the vibrant town of Zakynthos lies Tsilivi, a Blue-Flag awarded,
sandy beach that combines aquamarine waters with a cozy cove which shelters it from the
winds. To its northern point, lies the remains of a Venetian observatory (Bardiola), making Tsilivi
a unique destination that appeals to both history enthusiasts and lovers of beach culture.
Despite the many watersport-related activities you can enjoy here, the ambience is still very
much serene.

About the Hotel

The OLEA All Suite Hotel is a dreamy, adults-friendly (accepting children over 12 years old)
haven that blends key aspects of Mediterranean architecture and design with a dash of tropical
modernism. Located on an evergreen hill, it offers 93 adult-friendly luxury suites of superb,
contemporary elegance which overlook the impressive lake-like pool, the Ionian sea or the
hotel’s lavish green gardens. Many of the suites have a private swimming pool, enveloping
guests in the ever-calming presence of floating water. With a 4000sq2 main pool, the element of
water is an all-present, integral part of Olea's concept, connecting the indoors seamlessly with the outdoors.


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Simplicity, clean lines, highest quality materials and special attention to details.

Block722 architects is an Athens based architectural practice, founded in 2009 by Sotiris Tsergas and Katja Margaritoglou. Block722 is active in the architectural, as well as in the interior design and construction fields through Block722+, managing a wide variety of projects. The office’s individual and collective experience ensures the collaboration with specialised suppliers and craftsmen, in order to meticulously realize the architectural concept. The use of clean lines and the creation of quality architecture space are design rules that define each project, regardless of its scale. An important factor of the design and construction phase is the selection of excellent quality materials, thus enhancing a unique result. The desired architectural result is achieved by integrating the interior design into the conceptual phase and by considering the project as a whole.


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