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Bosco Exposizione, exploring the dialogue between private and urban life

Alberto Torres

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Alberto Torres
The Bosco Exposizione residential building, located in Caxias do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil, with a total area of ​​7,810.00 m², consists in a single, compact and linear prismatic volume of 10 floors. The building seeks to explore the dialogue between private and urban life through nature.
The excellent location of the building that is extremely close to bus corridors, administrative center, supermarket, schools, hospital and service buildings and the main park of the city, the park of macaquinhos, this provides an excellent quality of life.
The facade gives to the building a unique character, overlapping the volume with a modular grille that in addition to softening the heat incidence in the facade and preserving thermal comfort, this membrane is 100% lined with photovoltaic panels that capture solar energy and divide the facade into compartments of various dimensions minimizing the perception of the building height, through a constant play of brightness and shadows. Its large flower boxes of various sizes in the balconys, with medium-sized trees and shrubs, all of native species, bring the nature into the apartment, creating a suitable microclimate and filtering sunlight and promoting biodiversity to be inhabited by birds and insects. The plants will be grown in greenhouses during the construction period so that they will become accustomed to similar conditions they will encounter in the building.
There will be a cleary effect on air quality for people that live in the building; just sitting under a tree is lovely and cool because of the shade. The trees are perfect seasonal shading apparatus. The colors of the plants vary according to the season and the different plants used, this offers the population of Caxias do sul an ever-changing view.
Its modular grid and abundant vegetation provide a perception of the building as if it were in a state of constant transformation, because, depending on the position of the observer, as well as the light that shapes the volume due to the shadows. All this is reinforced so much towards individualization, as well as privacy; in addition to mitigating the incidence of heat and preserving the internal comfort of the units without sacrificing the visuals that are framed by the walls and slabs.
The building's project incorporates energy efficiency solutions and other sustainability strategies. The project was carried out with strict parameters, following the premises of national and international certifications. However, we did not design the building to be certified, but we did it out of the simple belief that this is an inherent responsibility of a good project.
The project combines design concerns with internal comfort to minimize impact on the environment. The project was developed according to a comprehensive best practice guide involving the rational use of resources such as water and solar energy, rainwater reuse, high efficiency lighting, reduced demand for drinking water using high efficiency sanitary devices, reuse and management of rainwater among other measures. All units have a ventilation system through natural cross ventilation. This system was visualized through DFC (Dynamic Fluid Computing) modeling to attest comfort conditions even without the use of mechanical systems.
The project also adds sustainability over time, allowing residents to monitor as measures taken to improve building performance. This way, the building can be managed in its environmental performance. The building was modeled on the BIM platform and thermoenergetic simulated using the EnergyPlus software. From then on, various strategies were used to reduce energy consumption.
Measures such as the installation of an electrical system with low voltage drop, presence sensors and time scheduling were adopted, which allowed a 40% reduction in electricity consumption. In addition, the building will generate on-site power through its photovoltaic panel facade and will produce 39kwa, which will supply the electricity required by the operation of the building's common areas.
The implementation of Green Roof in 80% of the building helps to reduce heat gains by the roofs and the retention of stormwater runoff. By selecting exterior surfaces with high solar reflectance and green roof coverage, the heat island effect was reduced.
An excellent quality of indoor environment was achieved by implementing passive strategies to bring thermal and luminous comfort to users. The glazed areas were simulated and positioned according to the best conditions for the use of natural light inside the spaces


 Porto Alegre
 Edicorp Edificações e Incoporações
 7810 mq
 Torres Arquitetos + Edicorp
 Architects Alberto Torres, João Paulo Sebben and Ana Lúcia Sebben
 Edicorp Edificações e Incoporações
 Architect Audrey Bello Ramos and Engineer Almicar Pietro
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Torres Arquitetos is a company dedicated to the development of architectural and urbanistic projects founded in Porto Alegre in 2003. Formerly named as Torres & Bello Arquitetos, has the Architect Alberto Torres as the tecnical responsible, graduated from UFRGS in 1991.
As a priority, we always seek to maintain a high standard quality with personalized treatment, always seeking an innovative architecture with quality, constant updating and technological evolution. Ssince 2012, all Torres Arquitetos projects are developed on the BIM platform.
The firm also has a strong focus on sustainability in its projects, 3 of which were awarded the Saint-Gobain Architecture Award, the most important Brazilian award for sustainable architecture.
Several Torres Arquitetos projects have already won important National and International Architecture awards and distinctions in Dubai, Venice, Milan, New York, London, Los Angeles, Toronto and New Delhi. These awards attest the quality of the projects.


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