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A pilot, sustainable, collective housing: Interelationships

Yanniotis & Associates, Architects & Consulting Engineers / Constantinos Yanniotis

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Yanniotis & Associates, Architects & Consulting Engineers / Constantinos Yanniotis
INTERelationships is a pilot, sustainable,collective housing,supported living complex with public usages that hosts vulnerable groups of people living in a collective community.The social impact of the project is important because it integrates these people with work and joint participation in a multitude of activities with city residents.It may thus become a cultural attraction where interpersonal relationships develop through social,cultural and leisure revenue-generated activities run by tenants.Fundamental aim of the project is to demonstrate that UD fits into buildings with modern aesthetics by proposing a sustainable dwelling model.Sustainability is defined in terms of Infrastructure (Zero Energy),User (Universal Design,Health Monitoring Technology,Community Living,Social Integration, Job offer) and Operation Management (Operational Sustainability,Zero Waste,Water Management).
The plot is situated in a neighborhood of Athens near the city center,called FIlopappos located south from the Acropolis Rock. Filopappos is characterized by the low building skyline, most of which are Neoclassical or Interwar Modern and by steep ground slopes.
The whole synthesis develops around the unobstructed z-shaped movement of the passer-by accessing the property,crossing through its heart via flat accesses and gentle rise ramps,entering the building and finally climbing up to the planted rooftop via the Stairwell Exhibition spaces.
The complex consists of two Residential Unit Blocks and the Stairwell Exhibition Block that accommodates all circulation paths.There are three entrances leading to the main courtyard,two of which are fully accessible. The z-shaped courtyard,hosts a swimming pool with pool bar,an indoor cafe and the exterior exhibition spaces visually connected to the ancient masonry relics found inside the body of the main building.The pool area nests in the restored perimetric neoclassical masonry,thus serving as a scenography setting.The ascending movement evolves into the Stairwell Exhibition Block accessing the creative workshops,the multipurpose room and the Management office spaces,concluding to the rooftop where the cocktail bar,the playground and the outdoor screenings are positioned.These public usages run by the tenants contribute to the complex operational sustainability.
Scrupulous combination of circulation and resting areas offers relaxation opportunities. The passerby may cross the heart of the complex, make a short stop, cool and continue their course, thus contributing to the complex social character.
The morphological and functional incorporation of the masonry remains of the two, two-storey neoclassical buildings and of the ancient masonry relics. Both elements were preserved and showcased.
The Stairwell can support other uses and serve as a useful space for tenants. The relevance and visual contact with the antiquities serve as a meaningful connection between modern and ancient art in its function as an Exhibition space
The basic materials used are
1. Polycarbonate Sheet siding highlights the public usages and prismatic extrusions.
2. Patinated copper metal panels as a skin of the main building, blend well with the surrounding hill and the adjoining park
3. Masonry Walls form a base for the volumetric development of the main building
4. Bare Concrete used for facade treatment of the smaller residential unit and flooring of the exterior pathways
5. Wood planks as flooring of the pool bar and as siding of the upper levels of the stairwell exhibitions facade
6. Porous Grass Paving Surfaces are applied to all grass surfaces on the ground level and the planted rooftops, allowing for ADA and pedestrian circulation without damage to the grass root structure.
Energy efficiency and reduction ensured through passive (passivhaus standard, south facing blinds) and active systems. Planted roofs, water element and indoor planting improve microclimate. Polycarbonate sheet sidings allow immense natural lighting, reducing consumption. Photovoltaic panels generate electricity to cover large part of residential needs. Geothermal systems used for cooling/heating and hot water. Collection, purification and reuse of water, recycling and waste management through a small composting unit, contribute to green operation.
The design was based on related literature, international regulations i.e. entrances, flat thresholds, wide corridors and pathways, wheelchair turning spaces, ramps, indoor and outdoor smooth, non-slip flooring surfaces, staircases,elevators,frames, accessible machinery, equipment, appliances, wardrobes,storage, wet areas, living, dining rooms etc. Smooth movement to all indoor and outdoor usages within the complex, is ensured through flat accesses,ramps,elevators (and stair lifts).
This program is about a supportive and collective living housing complex for individuals or families with (or without) disabilities. Foster care and a variety of new and innovative services such as early intervention, family support services, supportive living are offered by an NGO or body that runs the whole project.
The Apartments of the complex are designed in order to allow Independency, Accessibility, Privacy,Family (or Supporting Team) controlled intervention boosting self-esteem and dignity. A consultancy room equipped with the necessary fixtures and cloud server, serves as a small medical center for the health monitoring of the tenants.The Pubic Usages offer Supportive Employment opportunities,satisfying the Social Needs of the tenants through social,cultural and leisure revenue-generated activities necessary for the operation and economic growth of the Complex.
The design of the complex has been selected as a Good Practice 2019 in the International Design-for-All Foundation Awards 2020.


 Yanniotis & Associates
 1535 mq
 Constantinos Yanniotis
 Konstantinos Xanthopoulos| Presentation Editing, Konstantinos Gianniotis| Mechanical Engineer, Alexandros Venetis | Mechanical Engineer MSc, Dr Dimitris Klisiounis | Mech-Elec Engineer, NTUA
 Eleni Maistrou|Architect-Emeritous Professor NTUA, Yannos Yanniotis|Architect, Vasilis Kalopisis|Research Consultant, Coordinator of the NGO "Petagma"


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