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The answer of our thinking about how to design a future school is:
It can provide students with immersive learning space, together with place for physical and mental health development.
It can satisfy students' curiosity and exploration desire, and promote the development of students' interests and hobbies.

Through the analysis, we found that the early days school layout was classroom plus corridor, with uniform space and single experience. In modern schools, fish-bone layout is adopted to combine classrooms, corridors and multi-purpose space. In the teaching area, public space is added and the space is more abundant. For LONGHUA BILAN SCHOOL, we treat the future teaching model as a starting point, puts forward a new layout - VALLEY TYPE LAYOUT - all of the public communication space, activities space, corridor, auxiliary classroom "lie" inside "the valley", forming rich interesting space, at the same time the children have more opportunity to communication, collision, explore and grow up together.

Therefore, we proposed the design concept of "valley school"

Site of school is divided into two parts by the planned road: the north part has a long east-west direction, and the side near Sili road is noisy, so the sports ground is on the east side, and the long axis of the main campus is arranged north-south. The south part is triangular and small, so the teachers' dormitory is arranged here.
The entrance of the south side is on the planned road side of the south side of the north block, and the entrance of the pedestrian is on the southeast corner.
The teaching building is divided into the primary school and the middle school. It is arranged along the north and south sides of the site. The administrative logistics is placed on the east side of the middle school, close to the playground and Sili road. In the middle of the teaching building is "valley", which introduces six quality education subjects including reading, music, dance, art, physical education and performance.

The design adopts the layout of strip valley, which has 3 spatial advantages:
1.Space equalization: the teaching buildings of primary school and junior middle school are divided into two volumes, arranged in strips along the north and south sides, and all classrooms are illuminated from south to north. The office room is set in the southeast corner, the teaching staff dormitory is arranged in the south triangle, and all the dormitory is also facing the south and north for lighting.
2.Quality of space: the strip layout makes the distance between the teaching building on both sides of the north and south more than 50 meters, which is very comfortable, so that the lighting, sight and sound insulation of the teaching building achieve the optimal effect.
3.Spatial diversification: a "valley" is formed between the two teaching buildings, in which all kinds of quality-oriented education classrooms are arranged. "valley school" is organically formed according to the elevation difference of the terrain. It is combined with the overhead layer and underground space, and in the middle, three groups of verandas connect the teaching buildings on both sides, forming a diversified spatial form.

The whole "valley school" is composed of "one mountain, three islands and two centers" from west to east:

"Book mountain" library: as the core of the school's spiritual space, the library combines with the mountain in the west and is built against the mountain to form "book mountain". The design of external platform continues to the interior, combined with the design of sky light to make the space has a good continuity, which arranged three climbing paths left, middle and right, for students to find books, meaning "there is a road for the path". The front facade introduces the design concept of "wind-moving book cover". The lightweight perforated plate components can move with the wind, like countless open books, welcoming students to the "book mountain". At the same time combined with the outdoor platform to form a natural outdoor performance theater.

“Music island” on one side of the valley, with the "circular court" space as the core, creates a happy space for students to enjoy music freely.
“Dance island” is located in the corner of the valley, with the "battle dance room" as the core, creating a wonderful space for students to compete and dance.
“Art island” is located on the other side of the valley, with the "sketching house" as the core, creating a beautiful space for students to draw happily.

“Sports center” is located along the road on the east side, connected to the urban space and can be Shared with the surrounding communities. A standard basketball court, two multi-purpose courts and a training room are set up inside, providing students with high-quality indoor sports space.
“Performance center” is located along the east side of the road, shares the foyer with the sports center and can be Shared with the surrounding community. The 1400-seat theater enriches the classroom experience for students.

"Teacher station" is located in the south side of the teaching area, connected with the teaching area through the air corridor. The triangular layout follows the terrain, with a Shared atrium in the middle and an elevated ground floor, providing teachers with a more quality and comfortable rest space.

When designing the space and streamline of LONGHUA BILAN SCHOOL, we fully considered the accessibility and privacy of each space, maximized the freedom of "valley school", designed a large number of air corridors and places, and created a multi-integrated overall streamline. Due to the limitation of site area and the influence of current elevation difference, we made full use of the underground space in the design, including the sports center, performance center, restaurant and parking garage with large space on the first and second floors of the ground, so as to relieve the space pressure of the ground buildings.


 Xiao Han, Chao Nie


ELP DESIGN is a design company that pursuit innovation, the courage to practice, in the same time pay attention to the design quality, technology and cost control.
Our main services including industrial park, science and technology town, office building, enterprise headquarters, industrial zone of urban renewal, urban village renovation and relative interior design.
At the same time we published professional review articles in the new media actively, receiving good response and hundreds of thousands of times of clicks online.
The meaning of "Er Li" is “Archive what you have learned then be steadfast”. It tells the designers who can form their own style by practice to use what they have learned.


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