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Hangzhou International School, the only school designed by local practice

gad · line+ studio, Greenton Architecture Design

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gad · line+ studio, Greenton Architecture Design
Hangzhou International School is the first international school in Hangzhou. It is a K-12 school (including kindergarten to high school ownership) invested and constructed by an international school education institutions, managed by foreign education teams and only enrolling children of foreigners. In order to meet the needs of the school, a new campus is going to be built by Baima Lake. This is the only school designed by local practice in all branches of ISF.

This campus contains 12 classes of kindergarten, 20 classes of primary school, 12 classes of junior high school and 16 classes of senior high school. It is different from the structured learning mode focused on the classroom. Hangzhou international school pays more attention to students’ emotional experience and open communication. The design tries to jump out of the boundary of traditional school teaching mode, and encouraging more exploratory and random unstructured learning mode.

The overall layout breaks through the design method dominated by classroom teaching space and gets rid of the linear layout form of corridor type. By creating a new plane paradigm, the whole campus space is reorganized and defined with the center compact "Education Hub", which creates a more efficient and imaginative teaching plane prototype and leaves more outdoor space for children to explore.

The interior space also continues the concept of center cohesion, a coherent social space system connected by large stairs and corridors, which liberates the interior stairs from the traditional closed space and makes them become a part of architecture with varied and decorative form.

Under the collision and intensification of local and transnational cultures, the facade of the building adopts the image elements of modern design vocabulary to translate Chinese style lanterns, forming the concave fold surface in the horizontal direction, wrapped by anodized aluminum plate, forming the horizontal line with a strong sense of the future.

The design team has always carried out the concept of "environment is education", extended by the landscape axis, and built a multi-level public space: classroom - recess activity space - central activity space - outdoor road - campus landscape. With an open campus space form, it contains multiple communication methods and self-exploration activities, and improves the possibility of unstructured learning.


 Hangzhou International School
 49282.0 mq
 gad · line+ studio, Greenton Architecture Design
 Peidong Zhu, Xiaoyu Sun, Haiwen Wu, Yunting Huang, Mengying Du, Xiaoyu Yang
 gad · line+ studio


gad · line+ studio is an international innovative design studio founded by Meng Fanhao and Zhu Peidong in China. “line” is the boundary, based on architectural design. “+” aims to break through the clear boundaries of traditional industry and use cross-border thinking as a way to realize the boundless integration of planning, architecture, interior, landscape, operation and other fields. By adapting diverse strategies, we look forward to share the value of design with our partners. From the shaping of urban space to the revitalization of rural civilization, line+ always insists on critical thinking, builds design works rooted in regional and cultural characteristics, and responds to and interprets the diverse connotations of contemporary culture. Under the premise of ensuring high-quality completion, we deeply explore the potential value under business logic, and strive to become a ferryman between culture and commerce.


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