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Deepening design of Tsinghua University High School Zheng Dong School

Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University

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Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University
The campus of Tsinghua University High School Zhengdong School is located at north of Longhu Park, the center of the Zhengdong New District. After carefully analysis the planning of Zhengdong New District, the goal of this design is to build an international and a humanized central education area. Following the unique architectural style and features of the Tsinghua University campus, it strives to build a new and a living K-12 school to bring the academic temperament of Tsinghua University into Zhengdong New District.
The site is L-shaped, composed of three plots of 100 acres to meet the needs of the kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school campuses. The entire campus plan adopts a classical form of spatial sequence. Each teaching area is centered with a library, or an administrative building, or a lecture hall. Then cooperating with a series of nested courtyards, they form a classical and solemn open central axis. The use of the "classical square-street-yard" spatial organization is to create a comprehensive spatial sequence from the outside to the inside, from large and small to satisfy, the form of display also meet the contemporary and future teaching functions. The landscape sequence of Tsinghua University, which extends along the axis of the school, combines Longhu Park landscapes and sculptures and structures to form a belt-shaped urban landscape that spreads the campus culture of Tsinghua University and enhances the quality of the central landscape of Longhu District.
The architectural facade is dominated by the traditional red brick masonries. By studying different red brick masonry methods, and the combination with modern building materials glass, steel, aluminum plate, ceramic plate and stone, it makes a new sense of “time and timelessness” campus buildings. In addition, attention was paid to the use of environmentally friendly materials and metal shading in design, which enriched the level of the building while reducing energy consumption and giving the building a sense of time.
By maximizing the use of underground space, it reasonably decompose all the circulations of schools, Longhu Park, auditorium, gymnasium, and city traffic. Through the new of auxiliary roads system connected with the entrance area, parking bays and underground student pick-up areas and dedicated pick-up channels, the problem of urban traffic congestion from school to school can be effectively alleviated.


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 Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University
 Yirui Lian, Yu Zhou, Zetong Jiao, Lei liu, Dan Li, Brain Wong, Dongxu Chen, Xudong Liu, Shuai Si, Gongming Jiang, Ziwei He, Qi Wang, Qifen Liang


The Industrial Park Center of Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. focuses on researching renovation methods of industrial parks, small towns and villages of urbanization in China. The center is composed of senior professors and design elites from Tsinghua University. Starting with plan to drive planning, and using urban design to drive architectural design, guiding by "creative organization of social resources", we explore ways in which theory could be practiced.


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