Wall Corporation/Selim Senin - Urban Tent structure with Polycarbonate panels
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Urban Tent structure with Polycarbonate panels

Wall Corporation/Selim Senin

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Wall Corporation/Selim Senin
Building land is located in the province of Antalya in Turkey. The project land, which is located at a point overlooking the city, is intended to be designed as a social area that will appeal to the whole city. The building is also desired to be a symbolic structure.Antalya is a touristic city on the Mediterranean coast. With its extreme heat in the summer months, it has a climate that pushes people to go to high places and plateaus. Based on the idea of people setting up tents on the mountain, an urban scale tent was designed that the entire city can use.
People generally prefer the tent with light structure in mountainous areas. The tent structure has become a prominent structure in the mountains, as there is no building material supply in rural areas and mountains.
This architectural character has been the inspiration for the project. A 150-meter-long tent was built in this mountainous area above the city. The building, which sits on the sloping terrain elevation, touches the floor with columns. With the arrangement made in 3 different levels, flat terraces were obtained on the sloping land. The widest low-level terrace is a wedding, concert, party area.
There is a workshop area at the middle level terrace. It is an area where adults or students can deal with painting and sculpture arts as a hobby outdoors. Art products to be produced here can be exhibited by hanging on the semi-open tent structure. The tent structure is also a semi-open exhibition.
The people entering the building from the top level meet a ramp. The downward sloping ramp also defines the circulation area of the objects to be exhibited. Everyone who comes to the building will see the works produced in the workshop area and proceed in the building. When the inclined ramp is over, you can face the city view. The entire city can be watched from the viewing balcony. the cruise balcony and the ramp are hung on the tent structure with steel cables. The lowest terrace of the building is reached by the stairs on the viewing balcony. There is a café area and seating units on the top level terrace.
The structure is also a symbolic structure. It is a long enough structure with a length of 150 meters. Polycarbonate panels are covered over the structure. In this way, sunlight can be taken to places under the building completely. The structure, which is a semi-open structure, is a sustainable structure since it does not require any cooling system.


 Antalya Kepez Municipality
 4225 mq
 Selim Senin
 Selim Senin
 Selim Senin


Kigali and Istanbul based architecture office WALL Corporation was founded by architect Selim Senin in 2010. After working for different architectural company in Istanbul, Senin established his own practice in Istanbul first .Working for projects participated in 25 national and international architectural project competitions.
Senin also has established Wall corporation in Kigali in 2017.He continues to work on various projects in Turkey and Africa based in Kigali.
WALL Corporation is the architectural design company which has received several design awards around the world. WALL is a company that can design buildings in any function regardless of scale and structure typology.Besides the design of the building, it contains all the engineering disciplines required for the construction of the building.


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