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Integrated renovation of Zhejiang Perfect production factory

gad · line+ studio

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gad · line+ studio
The factory is adjacent to the Qiantang River, between the large-scale natural river and the rural culture behind, facing the boring and mechanical industrial production scene imported from the west, the renovation design tries to respond to the impact of the contemporary industrial civilization on the traditional agricultural civilization with a more local narrative context of the traditional settlement landscape. On the basis of the existing buildings, the design mode of integration of architecture, interior and landscape is involved in the renovation strategy, and the thinking is carried out around the behavior dynamic line and behavior mode of people, with the pedestrian path as the clue to connect the indoor and outdoor space. We try to reshape a "mountain house" collective memory of life through "streamline reconstruction" and "dynamic line visualization".

From the consideration of the process flow and freight streamline needed for industrial production, but also the behavior streamline of industrial workers and managers who will live and work here, the architect extrudes the four buildings along the edge of the site to the maximum extent, and connects them with the perimeter circular driveway to achieve efficient logistics access, thus forming an inner courtyard that returns to life in the remaining space of the center site as the convergence node of life behavior streamline. This introverted and stable architectural layout forms a central and radioactive functional organization structure that provides the most efficient path connection for workers' daily production work and after-work life.

Back to the specific picture switching strategy, the architect used the Chinese traditional painting of "mustard seed garden" as all this in the logical clue, that is, to use a "typing" perspective to dismantle the elements - mountain, stone, building, water, hedge, leaves, approaches etc.- in traditional landscape paintings and to correspond to the contemporary architectural vocabulary at the same time. The architect selected the workshop evacuation stairs, maintenance pack-way of rooftop solar panels, the paths cross the pool, the indoor stair of trail, and indoor stairs of office buildings, covered them in a uniform weathering steel to restore the zigzag path in traditional Chinese landscape paintings, which further forms the series core clues.

Facing the bank of Qiantang River, the scenery around the project is often of the same color as the sky and the water. White corrugated steel plate and ultra-white U glass are selected as the main materials for the exterior wall. Continuous U glass forms a continuous translucent state, and forms a completely different texture in the day and night -- cool and gentle in the day but warm and transparent in the night.

Interior design, as the continuation of architectural narrative, at the same time creates a new experience of modern office space integrating landscape artistic conception. It develops step by step in four stages: encounter, preliminary exploration, climbing and telescoping to create staff dormitory and office space with a sense of belonging.

Landscape design is also in line with the architectural concept, using simple and abstract form to convey the spirit of landscape. By inquiring into the landscape culture, ponds, rocks on the banks, flowers and paths, we use innovative materials to reconstruct a pocket landscape.

"Riverside Mountain House", an attempt to map deep touring scenes through the traditional plane painting techniques, is still influencing the industrial workers who live and work here, and continues to attract curious passers-by.


 Zhejiang Perfect Automobile Technology CO., LTD
 26004.2 mq
 gad · line+ studio
 Peidong Zhu, Xiaoyu Sun(Architecture), Shangyang Li, Jianbo Jin, Chenjuan Su, Ruixian Tang(Landscape), Yuting Jin, Jia Liu, Xiaoyu Cai, Jianguo Shi, Moran Liu, Weilong Chen, Chuanjie Gu(Interior)
 Arch-Exist Photography, wen studio, Jianzhi-Arch Photography


gad · line+ studio is an international innovative design studio founded by Meng Fanhao and Zhu Peidong in China. “line” is the boundary, based on architectural design. “+” aims to break through the clear boundaries of traditional industry and use cross-border thinking as a way to realize the boundless integration of planning, architecture, interior, landscape, operation and other fields. By adapting diverse strategies, we look forward to share the value of design with our partners. From the shaping of urban space to the revitalization of rural civilization, line+ always insists on critical thinking, builds design works rooted in regional and cultural characteristics, and responds to and interprets the diverse connotations of contemporary culture. Under the premise of ensuring high-quality completion, we deeply explore the potential value under business logic, and strive to become a ferryman between culture and commerce.


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