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New Bacardi Headquarter in Milan, Living Moments

Il Prisma

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Il Prisma
Bacardi, the largest private spirits company in the world, opens the doors of the company's new headquarters in Italy, Martini & Rossi SpA, in one of the most influential cities of mixology: Milan.

The new space – which gives home to the sales and marketing departments and also all the key resources for direct contact with customers, a team of 35 talents - is located immediately below the historic MARTINI Terrace. La Terrazza, which since its opening in 1958, on the top of the 16 floors of the skyscraper in Piazza Diaz from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view of Piazza Duomo, has always been the location of excellence for Italian film stars looking for great cocktails in a refined and fascinating environment.

The design of the new office of the company was entrusted to Il Prisma, who questioned Bacardi's role in people's lives and how to make the Group's identity come to life in this brand new environment, lived by the employees. Thus was born an immersive place, strongly identifying, capable of activating the sense of belonging, but not only.

“Decoding the iconic moments in which people come into contact with the more than 200 Bacardi brands has allowed us to also identify what these brands represented for consumers. We called them "Living Moments", reinterpreted in the new headquarters in thematic physical areas, transformed into an office. This is how Home, Clubar and Distillery are born complementary spaces of a strongly identifying place that represents the variety of Bacardi brands in three fundamental moments of life: the family, socialization and heritage. In this way, space also becomes a showcase for the best labels "- says Michele Pini, Team Leader and Associate of Il Prisma Destination.

The Bacardi Home is an open space environment with areas that can be personalized by employees, magnetic glass boards to make work more productive and fun, soft colors and lots of green for a welcoming atmosphere. "When you join Bacardi, you become part of a family," says the company slogan. It is a space where you can feel at home and at the same time tune in to the company's DNA. Thanks also to a digital wall, which projects the social channels of the Bacardi brands.

The Clubar space is inspired by the Milanese cocktail culture, dedicated to moments of relaxation and socialization. A meeting place, but also a showcase, with many of the company's brands and labels that populate the shelves of a Martini Bar adapted to an office experience. The reference to the Brand is constant and strong, present in the smallest details of furniture. Like the graphics of the columns of the bar inspired by the tiles of the historic factory in Puerto Rico.

Red bricks and exposed pipes, technical and industrial aesthetics that evoke the history of Bacardi: The Distillery area is in fact the maximum expression of the Brand, designed to experience its essence. A meeting room to encourage the exchange of ideas, brainstorming, but also brands stories. The walls become tools to rediscover the origins and the most important moments of Bacardi's history. Telling the story of the most consolidated brands, Grey Goose and Bombay Sapphire, but also giving a moment of celebrity to the incubation brands, such as St-Germain, Leblon, Aberfeldy, Aultmore, Santa Teresa 1796, to name a few.

To the question, "What does Bacardi mean in people's lives and in the daily lives of its employees?" - the design team responds by creating a physical and evocative place in which to live constant and involving moments of contact with the history of the Group, but also with its values and perspectives; a new location where you can experience your origins, with a look to the future.


 Martini & Rossi Spa
 380 mq
 Il Prisma
 Michele Pini: Team Leader, Andrea Failla: Project Manager, Ottavia Pelloni: Strategist, Rafaella Codato: Architect, Gaetano Auricchio: Interior Designer, Stefano Carone: Client Leader,
 Il Prisma
 SW Group (Mechanical and Electrical), Hi Lite (Lighting), Paola Tagliaferri (Acoustics), On off (Technology)
 Pedrali, Steelcase, Vitra (Furniture), Viabizzuno, DCW editions, Il Fanale (Lighting), Celenit (Ceiling), Marca Corona, Lea Ceramiche (Ceramic), Luconi (Glass Wall), Ecocontract, Christ Saves Parquet (Flooring), Rastone (Brick wall), Colori Project (Graphics), Danzi SRL Gruppo Emmebi (Custom Furniture)
 Vito Corvace


Il Prisma – – is an Italian architecture and planning firm operating in much of the world, in the area where people and companies converge, to design spaces rich with life, engagement and involvement. The company has offices in Milan, Rome, London and Lecce, and is divided in 3 Business Units: Architecture (Cityscape), Workplace (Worksphere) and Retail & Hospitality (Destination).


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