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Econom Village, translate into material reality digital dimensions

Il Prisma

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Il Prisma
The project consists in translating into material reality the corporate identity, whose core business lays in the digital dimension, immaterial by its very essence. To carry out this translation, a language deducted by the digital dimension has been adopted, composed of: Colors as function indication, Lines as directional signs, Icons as area signs, and Texts as punctual signage. This language allows to communicate functions and information of individual spaces in an intuitive and immediate way, thus making the building surfable as if it was a website. Hence the claim of the concept, “Wiring connections”, which underlines that physical connections are nothing but the material transposition of the digital ones – the essence of the corporate identity.
The goal is to make the user – be it the employee or the customer – participate in an engaging, simple yet strong experience, by involving him or her in an emotional and empathetic way, so as to make him/her feel part of the identity and the world of Econocom.

Spatially, the Econocom Village is part of an old recovered Forge, and is set in two existing buildings (the “Forgia” and the “Tecnica”) while a third one (the “Greenhouse”) is newly built and acts as a connecting element between the “Forgia” and the “Tecnica”. Detached from these three buildings, but still part of the Forge complex, is the rooftop of the Raimondi tower.

The “Greenhouse” hosts a large double-height hall which also acts as a digital showroom, as well as a real architectural manifesto of the corporate identity and its values. It’s in this place that the very first contact between the two worlds – the external (visitors and customers) and the internal (the company) – occurs. Hence the desire to provide an iconic and impactful place that involves visitors in the corporate dimension, stimulating the senses through emotional atmospheres generated by a large LED light staircase that marks the threshold of access, physical and metaphorical, to the world of Econocom.

The “Forgia” hosts the workplace space, organized around the smart office philosophy, and divided in operational spaces, spaces for concentration and socialization.

The “Tecnica” is dedicated to customers and training activities. The ground floor, accessible directly from the “Greenhouse”, hosts large social areas, while activities dedicated to learning and customer relations are located on the first floor. It also hosts a Fab Lab; a web-radio that works as a music room, too; a showroom displaying the latest corporate products; and an educational space. All four settings are organized around a central agora that promotes socialization.

The rooftop of the Raimondi tower (a separate building but still part of the Village) is dedicated to the activities to be enjoyed by both the employees and the customers. The set includes a panoramic restaurant with two separate rooms and large 360° terraces overlooking the skyline of Milan and the Alps; a lounge for private events, dedicated to executive type of users; a panoramic gym, available both to customers and employees.


 Econocom International Italia Spa
 5.000 mq
 Il Prisma
 Team Leader: Arianna Palano - Progettista: Andrea Lucchi - PM: Alessandra D'Apolito - Graphic Designer: Giulia Bigaro - Strategist: Giacomo Rozzo - 3D artist: Matteo Gori, Client leader: Stefano Carone
 Il Prisma
 Massimo Corbella: Antincendio - Dubravko Prebeg: cucina industriale - WAVE TECNOLOGY- SWG GROUP PROGETTO IMPIANTI - ARCH PUCCETTI PER h&s
 Luconi: pareti vetrate, Pedrali: arredi standard, Quinti: arredi standard, Kastell: arredi standard, Steelcase: arredi standard, Arper: arredi standard, Hilite: luci, Esseci: luci, ColoriProject: grafiche, Italcom: arredi su misura, Truly Design: anamorfismi, Fotografa: Carola Merello, Angelo Po: cucine industriali
 Carola Merello


Il Prisma – – is an Italian architecture and planning firm operating in much of the world, in the area where people and companies converge, to design spaces rich with life, engagement and involvement. The company has offices in Milan, Rome, London and Lecce, and is divided in 3 Business Units: Architecture (Cityscape), Workplace (Worksphere) and Retail & Hospitality (Destination).


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