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Beijing Biological Medicine Industry Innovation Park

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Mixed Use / Future
Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co.

The Biological Medicine Industry Innovation Park project is located in Daxing District, Beijing City, has total building area of 107703㎡, and is the innovative technology park of the biological medicine base.
Location Profile:The network system around the base is perfect, and there are several urban highways such as Beijing-Kaifeng expressway and South Sixth Ring Road around the base. Daxing line within 3 km.
Surrounding environment:The surrounding area of the base is mainly industrial parks, and the west side is urban green belt.
This project is designed in charge of Mr. Li Ning as the deputy chief architect.
The architect mainly handles several relations on unity of opposites in design of this park:
1. Openness and closing: It aims to handle the dialog relationship between this park and surrounding environment, balance the park openness and closing properly, and keep better open dialog with the environment and independent closing of the closed park.
2. Division and integration
The buildings are connected together in a division and integration manner for operation functions of the park in future. Such building connection mode enables technology companies residing at the park to get flexible space and satisfy use requirements of enterprises with different scales. Balance between division and integration
3. Interior and exterior: It is on thinking of the environment inside the park and outside the buildings.
The design inspiration of this park is from the layout mode of classical courtyards in China. The park can be considered as the environment outside buildings or the whole park is considered as internal environment. Design focuses on references to “Scene Change with Movement” and space fluidity inside Chinese traditional buildings. The buildings can show its connotation in case of “Scene Change with Movement” like the quality of the classical park in China.
Provide efficient and humanized office environment, convenient to enter, flexible to rent the station, flexible to control the enterprise space scale, for the complete innovation incubation chain to provide space carrier.
Informal communication space is used for complex transformation in space, time and function of business activities such as work, meeting and coffee, enriching the sense of space experience and high value-added space carrier.
Online and offline office system, build intelligent remote office collaborative virtual platform, connect all office outlets with cloud technology, and support flexible office mode centered on the company.
Gather and integrate a series of incubation factors and resources, such as entrepreneurship team, investment and financing base, service platform, mentor team, preferential policies, road show, etc., to provide a comprehensive new entrepreneurship ecosystem for makers.
This design is exploration for “balance”.


 Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co., Ltd.


Lining graduated from School of Architecture, Beijing Jiaotong University and master degree from School of Architecture, Tianjin University in 1998. Engaged in architectural design for many years. He is currently the deputy chief architect of Huatong Design Consulting Engineering Co., LTD., the chief architect of The First Construction Business Division, and the secretary general of the Academic Committee of the Industrial Park of Architectural Society of China. We have been adhering to the design concept of "design creates vitality, architecture reflects emotion". He has rich practical experience in architectural design in many design fields, including industrial parks, office buildings of science and technology and headquarters, cultural and educational buildings, residential buildings, etc.

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