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Providing high quality design with La Cadiere Center Ceo Mansion

SCDA Architects, Thomas Chan Designs Limited (TCDL)

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SCDA Architects, Thomas Chan Designs Limited (TCDL)

Located in the core of Tianfu New Area, a state-level, modern international urban area suitable for residence, industry and commerce near Chengdu city, southwest China. The project now faces a panoramic view of the Tianfu central park which covers an area of 2 million sqm, it also neighbors another lake and four parks. In the vicinity of this project, there are also one of the best international school, an international hospital, two major convention centers, an industrial center nearby. More conveniently, a subway line within a walking distance and half-an-hour's drive from two separate international airports make the project a real landmark and highlight in this newly developed area.

The CEO Mansion positions itself as a international residential community of life and leisure. The project consists of three skyscrapers. Respectively their heights are 248.8 meters with 66 floors, 216.2 meters with 61 floors, and 236.6 meters with 67 floors. The sizes of the unit layout are mainly 130, 170 and 300sqm.

In order to become a real international luxury residence for people to live, work and entertain, the interior design of CEO Mansion and the public lobby hall needs to meet with the international standards and the life concept of super high-rise building.

The exterior design and lines of the buildings should be simple and iconic as a landmark, meanwhile, the top floors have the super large unit type of 600sqm and 1200sqm, this means the interior design of each unit should reflect its own uniqueness, namely, a comfortable and cozy space for the clients, and create a balance between the structure of the building and a good living environment.

The CEO Mansion itself is a super high-rise modern architecture, therefore, the design will need to focus on the presentation of the general planning and diversified lifestyles, the clear-cut positioning of the interior spaces. In the meantime, no fixed functional area should be determined, which makes the owner easy to adapt the space when necessary. Thus, freedom of redesigning the space become a new interpretation of a luxury life here.

As the exterior views of the CEO Mansion are panoramic and facing parks, this requires the interior design achieve the best visual effect. The designing details like the smooth sleek lines are supposed to echo with the unique outline of the building’s main structure in a harmonious manner. The aesthetic balance of interior design and the beautiful views outside give the clients a real philosophy of life.

The designer decorates the public lobby hall in black, white and grey tones; the round-shaped skylights, together with the rippled lighting strips enhance the spatial dimension of the living area; the natural light borrowed from the outside brings the visitors’ attention to the indoor miniature garden under it, which harmoniously echoes with the landscape outside. The whole space gives people a sense of tranquility and coziness, coinciding with one of the Chinese traditional philosophical theories about the earth, literally it says “the sky is round and the earth is square”. The interior design is done mainly in neutral color, with simple and clean lines to increase the sense of space; Meanwhile, with the help of the main structure of the building and the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the use of furniture by Molteni&C, the whole space is imbued with abundant natural lights, views, comfort and life.

The CEO Mansion aims to promote and deliver the diversified array of lifestyles, working and living experiences, rather than a single one. The designer wishes that each and every owner here can get oneself actively involved and closely connected in an environment filled with life, leisure, work, entertainment and also art.

The concepts, styles and planning behind the design are gradually inspired by the actual situations and environments on site. As the CEO Mansion is supposed to be a landmark, so the lines and views of its exterior should be simple, iconic, powerful and not be blocked by each other. To this end, a simple concept and at the same time making the best of the space with luxury products become the designing philosophy.

The CEO Mansion insists on providing high quality design and supporting facilities. Therefore, it chooses the products of Italian designer furniture company Molteni&C, and others are SMEG, Technogym, Duravit, Hansgrohe and Kohler.


 La Cadiere
 Soo K. Chan,Thomas Chan
 SCDA Architects, Thomas Chan Designs Limited (TCDL)


SCDA is a design studio seamlessly integrating architecture, interiors, landscape and product design to create holistic spatial experiences. Established in 1995 by Founding Principal and Design Director Soo Chan, SCDA was awarded the inaugural Royal Institute of British Architects Award for International Excellence (2016); the RIBA International Award for OneKL (2012) and the Lincoln Modern (2003); and the SIA-Getz Architecture Prize for Emergent Architecture in Asia (2006), in addition to nine Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Awards.

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