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Liang chen

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Liang chen

JIAO TANG 2.0 redefines the concept of dining space: a dramatic five-sense experience is created by referring to the elements in the fields of film and television, art, science, technology and design. An all-around upgrade is made from five aspects, namely the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. By conceptualized design methods, a super-future sense of immersion is brought to people gradually. Being bold and resolute, SSAD Studio uses creative material arrangement and 3D printing technology for systematic all-around design from space design, furniture design, lamp design, tableware design, LOGO design, mechanical artistic device and modern painting to interpret the spatial immersion, and SSAD has won many design patents.
It tells a narrative story about “immigration to Neptune” a hundred years later. Since the resources on the earth are exhausted, the human beings have never stopped the exploration of other planets... Overcoming difficulties and obstacles, the human beings have finally migrated to live on Neptune. As the surrounding environment suddenly changes, the humans' way of life changes as well. With the help of high technology, the humans overcome all kinds of difficulties of living on Neptune, and become “Neptune people”. The design inspiration comes from the scene that Neptune people co-exist in harmony with the creatures on such planet, from their way of life and behavior. The humans' tenacious vitality to break through themselves in order to adapt to new environment is presented in the vast and boundless universe. The dominant hue of the space is International Klein Blue, representing the severe weather and life marks on Neptune. The unprecedented novelty and experience are reflected via the atmosphere created by interactive artistic mechanical device. The ceiling lamps are designed with the concept of Prince Rupert's Drop, highlighting the mystery of the creatures on Neptune.
There are seven themes of the space that tell the complete story on Neptune.
Entrance Area:
When people enter the main entrance, they will directly feel the immersive experience brought by JIAO TANG 2.0. At the entrance, embossing aluminum plates are used to create the experience of entering a spaceship. The design of entrance ceiling adopts dazzling galvanized steel plates. The combination of the reflection of steel plates and Rupert Chandelier has created the spatial experience of high-tech biology in the future spaceship.
Driving Area:
Guided by the terrazzo flooring of the reception in International Klein Blue, customers come to living area of Neptune. A unit of interactive devices which are spliced by 6099 red ship-type switches leap to their eyes. The interactive behavior of lightening the switching device means that the human beings have known about the living conditions of Neptune by hi-tech means.
Observation Area:
Blue coated tempered glass is installed on the left of the interactive devices, and in the glass is Neptune surface texture. Galvanized blue steel is installed on the right of the interactive devices. By the comparison of rough surface on the left and smooth surface on the right and the reflection, the sense of novelty of seeing the outside before landing is presented, and the environmental state on Neptune is created.
Wild Neptune Creature Area:
At the back of the blue steel wall is the interactive mechanical artistic device area. The interactive mechanical devices are designed as the form of Neptune creatures to simulate the movement rule of Neptune creatures in liquid. When people pass such area, the interactive mechanical devices will respond to people’s movements and begin to move, showing the ideology and vitality of mysterious creatures on Neptune!
Human Civilization Relic Exhibition Area:
Paintings created by modern artists for this project are hang on cement wall, with the title of “Relic No.99”, displaying the historical pictures that the humans explored the universe in the past.
Living Area:
There are two semi-open private rooms in living area, which are Feather Cabin and Refining Cabin.
Feather Cabin is the “climax” of the whole space, as well as the largest artistic device in the space with the height of about 4750mm and the diameter of about 4500mm. Feather Cabin is defined as the residence of the humans on Neptune. There is a layer of feather outside the cabin, which is made by the humans to adapt to the severe cold climate on the planet by taking fur and feather of alien creatures for heat preservation! Feather Cabin is a steel-wood structure space with the modeling of 800 customized feathers outside. The modeling of every feather is selected by designers with scrutiny. Outside Feather Cabin is a fence consisting of punching steel plates, with the implied meaning of defending against the attack by Neptune creatures. The floor of such area is antique texture copper plate, presenting the sense of time of Neptune people living in such area, and making customers immerse in the visional atmosphere of the dining space. Refining Cabin is defined as the space for refining precious metal. With the space surrounded by golden curved surface metal net, the sense of strewing at random is formed. The background is black stone-like coating, which emphasizes the sense of fluctuation and value of metal net, so as to present the quality for dining in this area.


 Shanghai Luyun Business Management Center
 Liang Chen
 SSAD Studio


Liang Chen, born in Yingkou of Liaoning Province on March 28th of 1982, is not graduated from a famous university. However, he dares to challenge everything in the state of a child who is extremely curious about the world. In 2016, he organized the design team named SSAD Studio in Seoul of Korea. As the founder of SSAD Studio, he calls himself a “pupil” who ardently loves design.

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