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Clear Code Architecture® Handle

PMMT Arquitectura

Universal Design  /  Completed
PMMT Arquitectura
FSB Clear Code Architecture® Handle is designed by PMMT Arquitectura according to Clear Code Architecture® (henceforward CCA®) accessibility criteria and is marketed by FSB. Under the strong conviction that the disability concept is defined by the relationship between every person and the existing architectural boundaries in their physical environment, PMMT has developed the CCA® method, which analyzes, measures and implements the Universal accessibility level of any built environment.

The geometry and proportions of Clear Code Architecture® Handle have been specially design to ensure that it can be easily used by everyone. It can be placed in any kind of building, being specially suitable for those with great influx of people, where there will be a greater number of people with disabilities or limitations.

Its length and shape allow people with handling difficulties to open the door without using their hands.

It allows special signs in Braille. Its flat side allows the placement of the Braille sign sticker, which helps blind people identify the room where they are.

It prevents from bumps in midgets, kids or wheelchairs users. The distance between its outer face and the door ensures that people will not hit against the handle.

It provides good visual contrast with the door. By choosing between different aluminum or colored finishes that stands out from the door, we have a handle that allows visual contrast which helps people with low vision identify the handle.

Its shape prevents from snags. The end is bent towards the inside to prevent snaggings. This is specially useful in case of emergency evacuation and in buildings where users wear gowns, for instance healthcare buildings.

It prevents bacteria. It has no holes or slits so it prevents the accumulation of dirt and therefore, bacteria. Additionally, it can be coated with antibacterial paint specifically for the use in medical environments.

Clear Code Architecture® Handle can be placed on the variety of plates and roses. The fittings are all in aluminium. Rectangular, square, round, big, small, with hidden or visible screws… it depends on the needs of the design. All of these plates and roses preserve the universal accessibility features of the Clear Code Architecture® Handle.

It is made of aluminium, a light, easy to polish, very resistent material. Aluminium can be coloured, which adds more design options to the handle. It can be painted in any existing colour of the RAL colour chart. This becomes a great advantage regarding universal accessibility, as it allows to choose the handle that makes the greatest contrast with the different door finishes, which helps people with low vision identify the handle.


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 Patricio Martínez, Maximià Torruella
 PMMT Arquitectura
 FSB (Franz Schneider Brakel)
 FSB (Franz Schneider Brakel)
 Estudi Conrad Torras


PMMT is an architectural company specialized in advanced healthcare architecture that has 25 years of experience and can acreditate more than 2,500,000 m2 designed. The company has works on Europe, America and Africa. Its design philosophy offers the most appropriate products to meet the needs of each customer, based on commitment to citizens and the environment. PMMT is firmly committed to creativity, innovation and research as engines for the optimization, evolution and improvement of architecture, by integrating strategically all the agents involved as an inherent part of the architectural process. Through this vocation, PMMT collaborates with companies and NGOs. The company has its own R + D + I department, that has developed more than ten research projects and its own patents. It have been recognized in 26 first prizes in architectural competitions and awards, such as the prize FAD 2014International Architecture and 1st prize at the IX BIAU 2014, among others.


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