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Lawrence Kim / A+U LAB

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Lawrence Kim / A+U LAB
In this project examining materiality and perceptions, the design team examined wool. The aim was to utilize wool as the device that engages a viewer and shape perception of the space. The installation consists of yarn threads in orthogonal alignment with over 12,000 lines forming an assemblage of fifty-eight vertically suspended planes. The project examined the architectural notions of layering, superimposition, flat vs depth, space vs object, and exteriority vs interiority, and how the material perception influences our reading of, and the movements within the space.

Constructed in the lobby of a university building with thousands of people passing through each day, the installation engages the occupants of the building, inviting passers to navigate within, and around the structure. The ensemble of lines of color composed against the backdrop of the light, people, and architecture alter the spatial perception of the lobby, reshaping the static and lifeless area into the vibrant transient space influencing people’s movements and interactions. .


 South Korea
 Pusan National University
 0 mq
 Lawrence Kim / A+U LAB
 Lawrence Kim, Junho Lee, Sunghyun Hong, Donghoon Kim, Jaewoong Yoon, Sangwoo Jeon, Hyeonseok Park, Osam Park, Nayoung Lim, Heon Kim, Sooyon Kim
 Junho Lee, Lawrence Kim


A+U LAB is a design collective and collaborative practice for architecture and urbanism. Established and led by Lawrence Kim, an architect and professor at Pusan National University, A+U LAB engages in diverse projects through design consultancy and research working regionally and internationally.


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