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Two Spaces Two Moments

RIMA Arquitectura

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RIMA Arquitectura
The pavilion Two Moments Two Spaces was featured at Habitat Expo 2017, an annual event celebrated in the Walt Trade Center in the Nápoles neighborhood of Mexico City, that brings together design leaders presenting trends in architecture and interior design.

Considering that the event took place in an enclosed space like most of these Fair events, this premise, invited us to create a complete spatial experience, where you could find the two principals element of the architecture: light and space, concentrated in a unique and small space. But instead of having them through natural resources, we had to abstract and create them through artificial resources.

The concept of the pavilion consists in a duality experience, in which the outer space, the large-scale space on everyone’s sight, captures the attention of visitors with a powerful yet small light threshold, inviting them to discover what is beyond, this creates the first moment.

While the inner space is the second moment of the experience. Inside this small and quiet place made by a geometrical complex surface formed with more than 60 triangle pieces of painted MDF and 1,800 joints with different inclination each one, and two facing mirrors highlight the perspective inside the pavilion, while the color and the different kinds of lighting, nurtures this experience and creates an endless loop of the inner space.

For its construction, it was necessary to make several proofs before and built scale models and prototypes with lighting included. On the other hand, the lighting was solved through MINION luminaries, a light box with a white LED strip and a barrisol diffuser and lighting in floor. Several types of illumination that creates a sensorial and visual experience for the visitors. In spite of the small interior design of 24 sqm, the perception inside gives an impression of a space that expands through the two facing mirrors.

Since the beginning, the central idea of unique content space was very important, to allow the possibility of two different moments: the outside full of noise and a lot of stands, instead an interior where you could contemplate the light, color and space. The challenge in the outside was to create a unique element that capture the visitor attention, at this moment, the light was the natural resource to achieve it.

We could say, the serenity of the pavilion contrast with the dynamics of geometry, perspective and fullness of color.


 Mexico City
 24 mq
 Ricardo Urías, Rodrigo Espinosa
 Lenin García, María Martínez
 RIMA Arquitectura
 Lighting design: Carmen Valle
 Frank Lynen


RIMA Arquitectura is an architecture and design firm established in Mexico City, founded by architect Ricardo Urías and his partner Rodrigo Espinosa in 2004. Their practice began with a clear target: to design innovative projects that improve the quality, wellbeing and performance of its users; including disciplines and specialties that are necessary to create spaces that reflect their client’s image, thus giving the individual or corporate character that each project requires.

In addition to design, they build their own projects combining all available architecture and interior design specialties to make sure that the result is always functional, high quality and simply original.



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