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Bamboo pavilion for children


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This is a children's village public welfare academy located in Xiamutang village, Wan'an County, Jiangxi Province, aiming at solving the problem of reading activities of left-behind children in rural areas with low-tech and low-cost construction. It faces many challenges: the project funds are very limited, the construction period is only tense for more than 20 days, the rural construction conditions are arduous, the local residents lack of construction technology and so on. This site is close to the ancestral temple, and is also the only way for villagers to go up the mountain. Its passability must be achieved. That is to say, in the construction plan, the passageway for future people flow should be reserved. Secondly, between the site and the field is a large bamboo forest, through which the wind passes, through the mottled bamboo, you can also see the distant paddy fields. These feelings give us inspiration: a man-made bamboo forest can not only limit the space but also maintain the passability.


The main material is carbonized bamboo, which is made into the structure of bucket arch. Through the biting force of two triangles, the single triangle can not bear the force, so it needs the biting of two triangles. It is simpler and less technically feasible to adopt straight short bamboo screw lapping technology. The main tools are: screw, gasket, nut, electric drill gun, grinding wheel. Because of the structural characteristics of bamboo, it can not be welded like steel structure, so it is necessary to use cylinders to cross to form fixed points. Therefore, there must be two modules of different heights A + B, staggered into an umbrella. Intelligent workers and we worked together to produce assembly module which can be mass produced. This is a special method of mass production in traditional handicraft industry. The umbrella structure consists of two modules of different lengths. There are six modules, which are arranged at 60 degrees apart from each other. The column is connected with two bolts at the bottom of the column, and the column is cut by adjusting six bamboos as a whole through nuts. Face size. Sunshine plate is used as the main material, which saves cost and is easy to construct. Six identical sunshine plates are joined together and a small hexagonal cover plate is connected at the top. The interior furniture is made of environmentally friendly pine panels.


 50 mq
 Local villagers


Zhang Haiao, Doctor of Architecture, Tongji University, Assistant General Manager of Shanghai Huadu Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd., Director of International Institute, and First-Class National Registered Architect.

Continuous participation in Beijing Satellite TV "Warm New Home" building renovation program, and get the highest ratings of the program. Among them, "Beijing Machinery Garage Home", "Shanghai Container Home" and "Shanghai Vertical Garden" which aroused heated discussion in the network have been reproduced by "One" and other media and become phenomenal renovation projects. The project has won German IF Award, Italian The PLAN Award, Red Spot Best Design Award and Shanghai Architectural Society Creation Award.



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