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AMG Brand Center Sydney

Gellink + Schwämmlein Architekten

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Gellink + Schwämmlein Architekten
In 2017, the world´s first AMG salesroom with its own service workshop was opened in Sydney. The architects at Gellink + Schwämmlein Architekten in Germany, in collaboration with the interior designers of Heller Designstudio created a brand space in the Australian metropolis which allows visitors to experience the fascination of motor sport first hand. The building combines a dynamic exterior façade set on a monolithic base that gives it immediate visibility and a strong presence on a highly trafficked intersection. The façade itself is composed of white horizontal metal lamella sections that are intersected by strong black diagonal aluminum panels, forming a relief on the façade. The façade elements are arranged at a specific angle corresponding to that of the brand logo, imparting a feeling of movement. The standard shape of a rectangular box building has been eschewed in favor of an angular form that races along the street edge, as well as maximizing the irregular shape of the site. The solid black walls of the ground floor are set back from the building envelope of the upper floor, giving the building its dynamic, floating form. At night the facade comes to life through the interplay of white and deep red LED lighting. The red accents frame the black panels, while the white LED lines emphasize the horizontal character of the building. The lamella lighting is also fully animated along parts of the façade, allowing for a dynamically changing lighting effect at night. The façade is open to the interior in only a few select places, allowing for tantalizing previews of the interior experience. The „Eye“ window on the upper floor offers a special insight, where a “hero vehicle” is placed on full view to the passing public, elegantly framed by the building façade. At this point, the building and the performance brand merge together and become and inseparable entity. The customer experience begins with the view of the façade and the Eye Display Window from a distance and leads the visitor to the entrance façade with its cantilevered overhang that indicates the entrance dropoff as well as the new car handover. The deep entrance cantilever and sharp dynamic angles is a showcase of precision engineering in itself and lifts the building up to float above the entrance. Even the exterior landscape and parking are integrated in the overall AMG concept, with asphalt and racing curbs bringing a sense of the racetrack to the entire site. In the large exhibition space, the vehicles are presented on two levels. Each car is staged with theatre lighting, floor graphics and custom-made technology. A special highlight for the racing sport fans who visit the store are the visual axes over the gallery into the adjacent workshop area. The visual connection allows every enthusiast to experience all the technical aspects of the high-performance car live, such as a test of an engine and chassis upgrade.


 LSH Auto Australia
 1550 mq
 Concept/Design: Gellink + Schwämmlein Architekten
 Local architects: Turner Studios, Interior/Heller Designstudio, Lighting/Haron Robson
 Taylor Construction
 Local architects: Turner Studios, Interior/Heller Designstudio, Lighting/Haron Robson
 Tom Ferguson / Surry Hills


Gellink + Schwämmlein Architects is an arhitectural firm based in Stuttgart, Germany. Established in 2004, we have gained recognition from various clients through the implementation of brand identity projects
Our company roots are planted firmly in corporate architecture. Our goal is always to create a „built identity“ that should become a valuable and recognisable part of the corporate design for the respective company.
We achieve this through an early exchange of ideas and intentions, and by actively maintaining the cooperation of all involved.
In addition to the identification of the employees with company, the recognisability of the design and the connection to the products are among what we consider to be the defining elements of corporate architecture. We create architecture with identity.


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