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"Su Shanghai" community art centre


Renovation  /  Completed
This project is a community-based art museum jointly launched with Liu Haisu Art Museum. Hailao paints ink-splashing paintings in his later years, depicting the magnificent Huangshan with strong brushwork. Therefore, the designer extracts Chinese traditional colors from Hailao's Huangshan paintings and re-interprets them with modern techniques to pay tribute to Hailao.

Ink-splashing corridor is not only a part of the building structure but also an installation art. In terms of material selection, designers have compared different materials: acrylic, toughened glass, sunshine panels, comprehensive cost and design effect, and ultimately chose sunshine panels. Its advantage is cheap and easy to process, which is most suitable for galleries with limited budget and tight time limit.

Material selection and colouring: After the scheme is determined, the next step is to consider how to achieve, the sunshine plate itself is transparent material, but we hope to achieve a colorful effect, and also to ensure a certain degree of transparency. In communication with suppliers and construction teams, we tried several methods: 1. Selecting the sunshine plate with its own colour; 2. Painting and colouring; 3. Pasting film and colouring;

These methods have common shortcomings, they can not achieve a transparent effect, the cost is high, and the shelf life is not long. Because there are many colors, each color needs to be modulated independently, which will greatly increase the construction time, so these schemes are rejected. Finally, thanks to our dedicated construction team, we found a new digital printing and coloring technology. Its advantages are instantly highlighted. It takes a short time, and the colors used are not easy to be scratched, nor oxidized and discolored by wind, sun and sun. Its shelf life is as long as ten years.

In the design of ink-splashing corridor scheme, the designer made several comparison schemes, taking the spacing and thickness as variables, and considering the cost and practicability, after comprehensive comparison, the third scheme was chosen as the final implementation scheme.

Fixed: Once the color problem of ink-splashing corridor is solved, basically even if half of the project is completed, what remains to be done is how to fix the sunshine board. The corridor is open-air. In the rainy season of Shanghai, there is much rain and strong wind. The sunshine board can be fixed only on two sides of the wall, one side of which is a fake wall built by keel, the other side of which is askew and uneven. How to ensure the safety of sunshine panels under the circumstances gives us a difficult problem.

After communicating with the structural engineer, the solution is to squeeze and apply force on the backs of both sides, clamp the door plate of the corridor in the middle, close all joints with Glass-silica gel, and reinforce one circle of the door frame with stainless steel seals. This method has several advantages: 1. No reinforcement parts are needed, the whole landscape can not see prominent fixtures, clean and tidy, as if it were completed at one go. 2. Because of the inclined angle of 20 degrees, there is a small gap between the door panel and the back panel, which can hide the LED lamp band in it and save many working procedures. 3. Stainless steel is a rigid material, which can play a certain role in strengthening the tough sunshine panel.

After several implementability simulations, the designer is confident that the rainbow corridor can be built quickly as long as it follows the expected way, but the reality always makes a joke.

Unexpectedly, the first step of building encountered problems, because the plate size is too large (2000*3000mm) can not find a suitable machine tool for cutting, the final negotiation can only be manual cutting, there are 50 sunshine panels in the design, each shape is different, manual cutting up to 10 pieces a day, originally expected to extend the processing period of 2-3 days to a week, to learn the news, the designer Immediately adjust the plan, reclassify the sheets, unify the modulus, and eventually unify 13 pieces into a complete cycle, greatly reducing the processing time.


 Liu Haisu Art Museum
 220 mq


Zhang Haiao, Doctor of Architecture, Tongji University, Assistant General Manager of Shanghai Huadu Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd., Director of International Institute, and First-Class National Registered Architect.

Continuous participation in Beijing Satellite TV "Warm New Home" building renovation program, and get the highest ratings of the program. Among them, "Beijing Machinery Garage Home", "Shanghai Container Home" and "Shanghai Vertical Garden" which aroused heated discussion in the network have been reproduced by "One" and other media and become phenomenal renovation projects. The project has won German IF Award, Italian The PLAN Award, Red Spot Best Design Award and Shanghai Architectural Society Creation Award.



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