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Espacio CDMX

C Cubica Arquitectos

Renovation  /  Completed
C Cubica Arquitectos
The scenic railway in the Chapultepec forest, known as the “little train”, was for many decades one of the most attractive recreational and entertainment spaces for children and adults inside the second section of the Chapultepec forest. This space, designed by Félix Candela, remains with no doubt in the memory of several generations and for a long time, has been remembered with nostalgia. Today, after several years in disuse, the workshop has been recovered to pay homage to his original playful vocation, as temporary headquarters of the Information Center of the World Design Capital program in Mexico City.

The focus of this project is the recovery from an episode of the collective memory of our city, as well as to show and socialize meaningful information for the present and future of our city, according to the profile of the socially responsible design program.

Espacio CDMX is an example of magnificent architecture, absent of style temptations thanks to the clarity and quality of its structure, the neutrality of its components and the arrangement of the three naves. This urban piece is a fragment of the architectonic memory of the city and with the support of Design Week Mexico and World Design Capital 2018 today is offered as a large container, capable of hosting multiple use by maintaining its shape, dimensions and architectural character. The restoration, carried out by C Cúbica Arquitectos and Sinestesia Arquitectos, constitutes a new urban piece which enriches the cultural weave of the Chapultepec forest and the Mexico City.

The main function of Espacio CDMX will be as a platform and deployment of content, as well as meeting point for linking ideas and social design thinking committed to the urban environment. Starting from the notion that the game represents an educational mechanism, this place will honor the playful past through the content of its program. In addition to the process of physical and symbolic recovery of the place, it explores a new socializing potential by nurturing it with different activities that reflect about our urban present and encourage transforming ideas to rethink the future of our city. During a year, it will host exhibitions, workshops and activations from projects of students, designers, architects and groups of cultural production to generate a very specific content proposal to the visitors of the forest.

In May, it hosted the exhibition “Ten Exponents of the XXI Century City – Architecture – Design”, a selection of city proposals made through different typologies and scales, which represent a change in the narrative of the urban space.


 Mexico City
 Bosque de Chapultepec
 1500 mq
 Andrea CEsarman, Emilio Cabrero and Marco Coello
 Rodrigo Luna, Pro Bosque Chapultepec, Secretaria del Medio Ambiente de la CDMX, Humberto Muñozcano, Aldo Abrica, Santiago Trejo, Diego Pérez, Mónica Arellano, Gabriela Gómez, Israel Ruiz, Sergio Solares, Martin Cruz.
 Jaime Navarro


C CUBICA ARQUITECTOS is an interdisciplinary firm founded in 1990 by Andrea Cesarman, Emilio Cabrero and Marco Coello, architects and urban planners. It emerges as an expression channel for their passion for good design as a powerful tool for better quality of life through their projects.

Their work covers a wide range of scales and typologies, seeking a balance between form and function in every one of their projects that is always complemented with design that creates a whole concept. The creativity and understanding of the firm has been captured in residential projects, commercial, sport complexes, cultural, hospitality, urbanism, landscape, restoration, interior design and art.

C CUBICA ARQUITECTOS work has been recognized with over 50 architecture and design awards in Mexico and internationally.


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