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Wheels and connecting rods

Roma Capitale - Architetto Tommaso Di Pierro

Public Space / Future
Roma Capitale - Architetto Tommaso Di Pierro




1. Introduction 4
2. Intervention area - status of fact and necessity 5
3. Urban classification 6

1. Introduction

This report describes the redevelopment works to be carried out within the green area located in Via Diego Angeli, corner with Via Tiburtina.

Currently this place is subject to ordinary maintenance only through the mowing of the grass and is used as a spontaneous dogs area undergoing the deposition of animal dejections that are not collected.

The project was drawn up following the D.D. n ° CE 522/18 prot. CE 28770 dated March 7, 2018, concerning the "Contract for redevelopment of the green areas of Via Cave di Pietralata and Via Diego Angeli".
The public work in question is located in the Casal Bruciato district.
The total area of the area is about 430 that will be partly paved and partly left with loose and absorbent material.

The lot of land affected by the project borders to the north with Via Tiburtina and to the south with a post-war reconstruction plan for the drafting of which the best rationalist architects of the time were called upon.
The area is in fact a result of the intervention carried out by architects Mario Ridolfi and Ludovico Quaroni, carried out between 1949 and 1954 in the district "Tiburtino" (Casal Bruciato), in an area of 9 hectares for 4000 inhabitants, of new rationalism which was called "neorealist".
The free area, which is the subject of this redevelopment project, is the result of this Plan in which the designers decided to leave this portion of land as a public green space.
This project of intervention aimed at the arrangement and redevelopment of the area in question therefore, is the first to have been produced until today.

The amount available for the intervention is € 80,000, VAT 22% included.

2. Intervention area - status of fact and necessity
The redevelopment of this small portion of the territory will represent a focal point for the life of the neighborhood because it is a space designed for aggregation and to have the function of "square", "living room", in fact there is a newsagent for resale of newspapers placed on the sidewalk to outline the lot and just beyond Via Diego Angeli there is a bar, all commercial activities suitable for socializing places.
The project involves the construction of works aimed at the free use of each person, the collective participation and socialization and, not providing physical closures, the project places the area available for all for the entire day.
The construction of a printed concrete route, the installation of urban furniture, the construction of public lighting and the planting of tree species is planned.

The initial idea was that of wanting to create a "square", a "living room" for the neighborhood, a place where the whole community could spend their free time, being able to socialize feeling completely at ease.

The area available is located in the Casal Bruciato district, with a straight trapezoidal shape with orthogonal sides aligned along the two access roads.
The lengths of these two sides measure respectively 48.90 and 14.10 meters.
The altimetric trend is almost flat, even if it goes slightly downhill along the lot in the opposite direction to Via Diego Angeli.

The main idea of the project was born from the top view of the lot that thanks to its morphology, gave rise to the idea of a downward oblique connective path starting from Via Diego Angeli to arrive, little by little, on Via Tiburtina.

The project includes two accesses, one for each neighboring street.
Among these is the path that has been designed with organic and sinuous shapes, two fulcra formed by concentric centers that recall mechanical features that characterize the area.

On the right side of the Via Tiburtina prospect, the path will creep slightly to the right to form a smaller, a more intimate area, while remaining fully visible and accessible to everyone.
In this part and in correspondence of the bigger fulcrum the urban furnishings of industrial invoice are positioned.

For the realization of the works, more natural materials with reduced environmental impact will be used.
The area is designed to be a square, a place of aggregation.
The works concern the layout of the surface making it accessible through a path that is articulated on the entire area available, the realization of seats and spaces for socializing.
The area will mainly be left green with gravel surfaces, tree species and urban furniture.
The public lighting system will be entrusted to the municipal company AReti S.p.A.
This is composed of four poles that will illuminate the space of a wall, with a height of 4.5, placed parallel to the boundary wall;

- Street furniture
Inside the area will be present urban furniture industrially produced.
Besides this, there will be a greater presence of travertine seating, to be realized on my design, which will welcome about 42 people.

The Designer
Architect Tommaso Di Pierro


 Roma Capitale
 Tommaso Di Pierro
 Tommaso Di Pierro


Born in Giussano (MB), 18 Dec 1973 Resident in Via delle Rose, 3, 00010 - Marcellina (RM) e-mail: Professional experiences 2012-2018 Roma Capitale – 4° Town Hall T. D. 2010-2012 Roma Capitale – S.I.M.U. 12/2009 Comune di Roma 1990-2009 Professionals of Guidonia e Tivoli (RM) Teaching 2017 Revit Publications 2003–2004 The accommodation of Piazza 2 Giugno - Guidonia (RM) Training 2016 VRay Project 2013 2015 Advanced Revit Adobe PS CC Advanced Grasshopper 2014 Energy Certification, Manager and requalification Revit 2013 Office 2013 Algorithmic design Update - Direction of work and safety at work 2012 Update - safety at work 2010–2012 BULATS B1/2 after two-year of English course 2011 Update - safety at work 2006 Inscription to the Order of Architects of Rome: 17493 2005 Authorization to practice as an architect 2004 Security Coordinator 2003 Master's Degree in Architecture

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