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Lone Tree Pedestrian Bridge

Fentress Architects

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Fentress Architects
The new Lone Tree Pedestrian Bridge celebrates the reunification, both socially and physically, of Lone Tree, Colorado’s north and south side communities. The structure’s memorable form creates a major landmark for the City and establishes a model for the city’s vision for the future: a more easily accessible city with safe passages for pedestrians. As a critical connection for Lone Tree’s pedestrian traffic, the new bridge spans across the rapidly growing city’s busiest thoroughfare. Lincoln Avenue, where over 90,000 cars travel daily, divides Lone Tree Elementary and residential communities on the north from local retail, workplaces, and open space parkland on the south.

Prior to the creation of the bridge, school children, residents, and local business workers were contended with limited access across Lincoln Avenue. Spanning 52 meters in length, the pedestrian bridge allows children from the adjacent elementary school to avoid Lincoln Avenue’s traffic and safely access open space parkland for scientific and ecology education. Workers have access to ample eateries on the south side, and runners and cyclists can access a network of recreational trails unhindered.

The core structure of the bridge – an asymmetric cable stay – provides an efficiency of form. In the design, we focused on the sensitivities of the cable and pylon geometry to harmonize steel’s efficiency with an artistic design. The pylon – a signature component of the bridge’s design – is inspired by the City’s leaf emblem. Its form is seen from many vantage points throughout the City, creating a memorable image for Lone Tree. The design team refined the pylon leaf design while retaining structural integrity. From the leaf, six pairs of cables extend to the north to support the bridge. The main pylon soars 31 meters above Lincoln Avenue, creating a landmark across the City’s skyline as people journey across the bridge and the adjacent greenbelt trail system.

Stainless steel mesh on the sides of the bridge and an ETFE roof protect bridge users from severe weather while enabling one to enjoy open air and sunlight on pleasant days. This structure creates sheltered spaces along the bridge’s path and serves as a community space for the Lone Tree residents. The roof is translucent to allow sunlight to illuminate the bridge during the day, and lit gently at night to improve walkway visibility and safety. Ramps on each end of the bridge facilitate accessible design, multimodal access and connect students, residents, and workers to amenities on both sides.

Lone Tree’s civic pride has been instilled in the new bridge by establishing a memorable landmark in the heart of the community and improved universal access and safety.


 Lone Tree, Colorado
 United States of America
 City of Lone Tree
 221 mq
 Fentress Architects
 Fentress Architects
 Hamon Infrastructure
 Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti Engineers; MEP/FP Engineer: ME Engineers; Civil Engineer: TTG Corporation; Lighting Designer: Illume
 © Michael Tamburello, © Jason A. Knowles


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