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Mixed Use / Completed
Harmony World Consultant & Design

The keyword of the project has been one of the main exponents of modern
architecture, Mies Van de Rohe. His work has been my main inspirational source because when i saw for the first time the building where we had to realize this sales office and clubhouse, my mind suddenly jumped on the New National Gallery of Berlin designed by Mies: a gallery which, for the unique design has become a great point of interest in Berlin.

This is our aim as well, we based the design on a parallel language with innovative and local elements to make a project that could be an attractive point for the city of Nantong. The city rappresents a palimpsest . Modeled by trasformations coming from culture , economy and policy isready to give us many impressions .Circles , lines , perspectives , are all pure elements that wecanextract from the daily city infront of our eye .Fashion, stylish,people living in a city trendy, modern,cool, all paying more attention to the lifestyle and how to enjoy it better. they love fusion food, read design magazines,art and love simplistic style.

The design is overall pure, simple and bright, working on the definition of a strong three-dimensional space trough a combination of straight lines, both horizontal and verticals, with some exeptional curves to break the monotony, and emphasizing the whole composition and space feeling trought the use of mirror stripes on the ceiling in certain strategic areas.

Together with mirrors we used marble, metal, glass and plaster to reach an essential materiality with a color palette based on the contrast of black and white, shades of grey and a touch of color, given by noble materials, like the green alpes marble.

The interior architecture has been defined following these guidelines and inspirations, and the soft decoration has been developed using, in the same way, geometrical shapes, horizontal and vertical axes, combined with curved elements.

We preferred metal and marble, combined with warmer woods, fabrics and rugs in order to define a warm and comfortable space for the guests.

Then, playing in the same way with contrasts, we completed the whole composition with art and sculptures which appear more organic, abstract and primitive in order to impress and surprise。

We worked on 2 different blocks, the sales office and the clubhouse,following the same principles, with the only exception of the ballroom of the sales office, a romantic dance in a glorious past, to look at the future remembering our own roots.


 Rita Fabiano
 Rita Fabiano、杨惠云, 罗磊


Rita Fabiano was graduated from Universita degli studi di and obtained the master degree in architecture design with scholarship. She has dissertations publishedon the Biennale of Venice. She took the position of interior designer in Adorno Studio and DND Design Company after her graduation and participated in manyinterior projects. Rita joined HWCD in 2014 as project designer. She has taken part into various high-end projects such as COFCO foreshore, Greenland•Huangpu Riverside, etc. Rita is an extraodinary designer with intensive experiences particularly in concept designing and construction drawings.

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