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Shenzhen, one of the representative special economic zones in China, is the national economic center and an international city. Qianhai Area in Shenzhen will become a demonstration center for the construction and development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the future, which is of great significance in planning and construction.
Guiwan Area is positioned as the core financial business district in Qianhai Area, focusing on the display of the overall city image of Qianhai.
But in the Guiwan Area, the functional facilities are less perfect and no functional facilities system has been established. The original roads in the area are single in the level of plants and insufficient in green quantity. The disorder of the plots and facilities, which are being built, temporarily built or to be built, has a greater influence on the view of the landscape, leading to site restrictions. The soil in the area has a high salinity, which needs to be urgently improved. Moreover, there is a lack of public nodes, and the overall landscape has an extensive effect, which is seriously against the positioning of Qianhai as a high-end and cutting-edge area.
The project intends to upgrade the landscape with an area of about 543,000 square meters, involving landscape upgrading of more than ten roads including main roads and secondary main roads, and the reconstruction of the recreational belt in the central park and the park. The project covers a huge area, where the plots are diverse and complex.
Based on the green infrastructure network with interweaving and complex functions, the structure in the overall plan of Guiwan Area is a networking landscape gallery with the theme of comfortable and pleasant spatial experience in high-density developed blocks, so as to enhance the organic connections between urban space, waterfront and coastal space and other featured resources, as well as create a walking-friendly urban area covering the entire project area. With Menghai Avenue as the chief axis, the area will be built into a recreational belt in the central park.
The project builds the urban green net base in Qianhai, significantly increases its urban green quantity and improves its ecological environment in urban green space. Regarding the site as a living and moldable soft ground, the project creates the functional space, landscapes the terrain and luxuriant plant space, and vitalizes the site by means of elegant and concise landscape design techniques, while mixing the structures, terrain and plants as an organic whole, thus endowing the site with a new spatial order and vitality.
The great potential of Menghai Avenue in the future lies in that it runs in the north-south direction through Guiwan and Qianhai Area, becoming the chief passageway. In the area, a central recreational belt will be built based on Menghai Avenue as the chief axis.
The Performance Park, an important part of the project with an area of 160,000 square meters, is located in the most intensive area of social activities in Qianhai, where a large number of financial and business activities are held.
In view of fully respecting the original appearance of the site, the project utilizes the original natural resources, attaches importance to the ecosystem coordination, and conducts scientific and reasonable renovation to minimize human intervention, and exploits and restores the damaged aquatic ecosystem at low impact to protect the original aquatic ecosystem, which is an effective solution to the contradiction between the shortage of urban water resources and urban water logging, thereby further enhancing the quality of greening and the delicacy of the landscape in details.
The special techniques applied in the project involve four aspects of salt isolation and elimination, soil improvement, sponge city and ecological water environment.
The Performance Park is a coastal park, where the land is easily salinized. According to the soil test report, the soil saline-alkali index in the Performance Park severely exceeds the limit, so some measures for salt isolation and elimination are proposed in our design to ensure that the soil meets the requirements for planting. The area for salt isolation and elimination is about 122,000 square meters.
We improve the growth effects of plants by improving the physical and chemical properties of soil. The green space in Guiwan Area is mostly sandy loam, the bulk density of soil in green space is biased and the soil is less permeable. The soil with large bunk density and small porosity is disadvantageous to the growth of plant roots to a certain extent. In terms of chemical properties of soil, it is mostly alkalescent seashore saline soil.
We design an underground rainwater collection pond in the green space of the Performance Park to collect the rainwater from the underlying surface of the project area, which can be processed for greening, road sprinkling and landscape water supply in the area. In this design, the rainwater collection pond covers an area of 655.2 cubic meters, permeable pavement, water storage module, rainwater garden, ecological stagnation and other new means are applied in specific areas of the project.
The ecological water environment techniques are adopted against the artificial lake of the Performance Park, including sediment disinfection, activity improvement and water impurity removal, and the planting of submerged plants, the improvement of Vallisneria spiralls, an evergreen dwarf plant, and the feeding of algae-control Daphnia and the planting of floating plants, such as court water lily.
The project is intended to display the green ecological style of Guiwan Area in Qianhai. An international and high-quality green gallery will be built to create a continuous, penetrating and interactive green ecological network and a comfortable, dynamic and complex multi-element recreational space.


 P.R. China
 Shenzhen qianhai development investment holding co., LTD
 540000 mq
 Hao Wan, Cao Qin, Xiaojun Wan, Junyong Huang
 Xuetao Zhang


HOPE Design has qualifications of National Landscape Engineering Design (Class A), Urban-Rural Planning and Formulation (Class B), Municipal Industry (Class B) and Architectural Engineering (Class B).
HOPE Design is primarily dedicated to landscape design, urban planning, ecological environment, special services and municipal engineering design. Since its establishment, it has developed into an integrated design consulting service provider consisting of Shenzhen Hope Landscape & Architectural Design Co. ,Ltd., Hope Design (Salerno), Hope Design (HK) and Hope Design (Qingdao). Its projects can be found in many parts of the country, covering urban public space, green space system planning, ecological restoration of waters, agritourism, commercial complex, urban renewal, industrial park, etc.
HOPE Design will continue to provide design general contracting services, broaden international perspective, tap into local wisdom.



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