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The Open House

Studio Nishita Kamdar

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Studio Nishita Kamdar
We come from a time where spaces are getting smaller but expectations are getting much larger. There is this constant fight between reality and expectations. Amidst this stands the architect whose role is to try and bridge this gap. Design is the harmony and compromise one reaches between thoughts and execution. What makes you a good designer is your ability to realize all your thoughts into things.

The living room has a great double height volume which allows sunlight and air to fill up the space beautifully. It would only be unfair to not respect this to its fullest. To do so we decided to do away with the walls between the Living Dining and Kitchen area to make it appear like 1 large space. This not only enlarged ones view but also allowed maximum light and cross ventilation in the house. The opaque concrete walls were replaced with slim see through glass and metal partitions which can easily slide away and tuck discreetly tuck itself away to open up the space.
For Privacy these doors can be shut and form 2 distinct kitchen dining and living zones, still allowing light to filter in . This also allows to family to constantly engage with each other even whilst someone is in the kitchen and the other people are eating at the breakfast table. There is a constant visual connect to all the spaces from here. Metal
The idea of the “wall” has been challenged in several ways here. By maximizing the window and openings one also ensures that throughout the day, the need for artificial light and ventilation is almost not required.

The design challenges the typical notion of a WALL: solid and ob- structive. These are replaced with sleek metal and see through glass doors which can slide into discreet hidden pockets to open up the space completely. This allows the space to visually look much more larger than it is. It also enables the user to maintain a visual connect with other spaces adjoining it.
The Mezzanine level has a Wooden sliding folding door which is shuts to look like a seam- less wall and folds open to give way to a Media Room behind it.
The kitchen too has a sleek metal and glass sliding door which dis- appears into a pocket wall , thus allowing for maximum light and ventilation to flow into the kitch- en.

Similar sliding folding doors give way to discreet wardrobe spaces and storage spaces in the rooms.
The idea of the open kitchen is an attempt to bring about a social change in the Indian household where the lady of the house is always confined within kitchen walls , thus being completely disconnected with the rest of the family.
The cabinets of the kitchen are clad in Teak wood to induce a warmth and keep the color palette neutral . The black granite counter makes the usable space versatile and durable owing to the fact that The indian kitchen uses a lot of masalas that stain. Brass handles compliment the Warm teak wood shutters. Inbuilt appliances ensure the kitchen appears to be clutter free and neat.


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 Studio Nishita Kamdar
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Studio Nishita Kamdar is an award winning multidisciplinary design practice, started in Mumbai in November 2014.
At Studio Nishita Kamdar we design every project with an extremely passionate and innovative eye. We believe in the simplicity of design to create beautiful complex spaces which appeal to its social and physical context. We love to create spaces that are multi functional, high on utility and sensitive to the requirements of the end user. Architecture should indeed not only look beautiful but also feel beautiful and appeal to the other senses of the human being.
We love to use materials and designs that have a meaning behind them or some sort of natural context pertaining to the project.

The studio is engaged in both Architectural as well as Interior Design Projects. We enjoy doing Holiday Homes , Stand alone Architectural projects, Residential Interiors as well as commercial spaces.


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