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Rio Mau House

raulino silva architect

Villa  /  Completed
raulino silva architect
Rio Mau House is located in the countryside of the outskirts of Vila do Conde. The land plot with about 6800 square meters is surrounded by cultivated fields and pine forest near Serra de Rates.
The family house with a single floor is located in the center of the garden surrounded by some existing pine trees. The car and pedestrian accesses through the north zone are highlighted by an entrance porch and a black concrete paved area. The construction has an intimate relation with the surroundings preserving the main aspects of the pre-existing land field. The idea behind this house construction was that the volume could integrate and play along with the terrain characteristics.
In the interior, through the hall we have access to the office and to the garage with the laundry and the technical area. In the West zone we have three bedrooms and a bathroom with a skylight. One of the bedrooms is a complete suite with a bathroom and a dressing room opened to a patio. In the South zone we have spacious and communicating spaces with kitchen, dining and living areas – two sliding doors make it possible to change the design of the space.
The main spaces of the house have direct relation with the garden through shaded wooden deck, which extend the interior space to the outside and protect the windows from rain and wind.
Not being the walls and the facades of the house colored white, we looked for a set of colors, materials and environments that functioned as a unit, both in the construction as in the garden and in the interior design. While projecting this particular house, all the attentions went to the details. We are constantly looking for aesthetic rigor and in this project the selection of the different materials allowed us to reach a promising result. Besides all cupboards, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and the different bookcases we were able to design some unique furniture such as the bathroom marble washbasins and the shower trays.
This project can be seen as innovative in the way it creates and preserves a pleasant interior atmosphere. Placed in a good location, taking advantage of the sun exposure, this house opens up for every angle allowing its natural lighting and therefore its natural ventilation. In addition to that, we can always access the outside garden from every room. Furthermore, the thermic features of the building integrating double glazing windows with thermal break and a high-quality external thermal insulation composite system prevent energy waste and ensure, at the same time, an effective management of the resources.


 Vila do Conde
 300 mq
 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva, Daniela Amorim, Cátia Sampaio, João Mendes, Jorge Dias, Hélder Silva, Helena Eiras
 Direct adjudication
 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva Architect
 João Morgado


Raulino Silva lives in Vila do Conde, where he was born in 1981. Graduated architect by ESAP in 2006. Since 2011, he has its own architecture office in a small village in Vila do Conde, where, with a team of architects, he develops essentially single-family housing projects and small equipment. Among other awards and nominations: Winner of the International Architecture Awards 2018, with Touguinhó III House, USA; 3rd Prize at the Baku International Architecture Award 2017, with Touguinhó III House, Azerbaijan; Winner of the Iconic Awards 2017, with Touguinhó III House, Germany; 1st Prize at the Baku International Architecture Award 2015, with Cemetery Extension, Azerbaijan; Selected for the Enor 2014 Architecture Prize, with Cemetery Extension, Spain; Nominated for the 2014 Building Awards, with Cemetery Extension, Portugal; 3rd Prize at the Baku International Architectural Award 2013, with Event Equipment II, Azerbaijan; 2nd Prize at the Bergamo di Architettura Prize 2003, Italy.



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